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Here’s what Twitter is saying about International Men’s Day

by Erin Lindsay
19th Nov 2019

November 19 is officially International Men’s Day, and Twitter users are weighing in on what the occasion means to them

We tend to celebrate a lot around International Women’s Day when it takes place in March every year. There are events, meet-ups, general goodwill to all women, and a sense of celebration. Do we do the same for International Men’s Day?

Many would say no. The majority of us don’t put the same amount of celebration into the men’s equivalent, and it’s become the subject of conversation over the past few years. This morning, Twitter users weighed in on what International Men’s Day means to them, and why we should celebrate the day that’s in it.

Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chiefs of Staff Committee, Glenn Haughton OBE, gave his take on why it’s #TimeToTalk about mental health for men around the world. Gender roles are damaging for everyone, and toxic masculinity can particularly affect men when it comes to feeling able to let out their emotions.

Not only that, but many people turned the tables on women who may be questioning the need for a day like today.

While others used the opportunity to shine a light on men throughout history who were great allies to women in their lives.

Many other Twitter users encouraged others to consider male mental health as a big factor in today’s celebrations — male suicides account for 80% of the overall suicide rate in Ireland.

And of course, Piers Morgan can always be counted on to weigh in on issues like this…

And he is not afraid to argue his point with followers.

To everyone out there, have a lovely International Men’s Day, and remember to give the men in your life some extra love.

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