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Three things I’ve learned about effective negotiation

03rd May 2019

Three things I’ve learned about effective negotiation from Stephen Boyle, course lecturer at Smurfit Business School, who’ll be presenting a skills workshop with IMAGE on Tuesday evening, May 7 at The Westbury.

1. Know your options

There’s no point going into battle (but let’s hope it doesn’t quite come to that) without knowing what other options you have, because this will determine your pitch and your bottom line. If you have other appealing, strong options, you can take a more speculative approach. But if Plan A is the only plan, you know you need to play it safer.

2. Gauge the vibe

Be aware of, and keep track of the way the conversation is going… if there isn’t rapport, if either party isn’t ‘feeling it’ or if you hit a rocky patch where you can’t find compromise, don’t be afraid to suggest a break or to continue the conversation at another time when hopefully, parties are more available. You needn’t call the stalemate for what it is, but say something like “I’m really keen to continue this conversation, but I’m getting short of time now and would like to give the matter the time it needs. Could we schedule a follow up this afternoon/tomorrow/later this week…?”

3. Power up before the meeting

A quick two-minutes in the ‘Warrior Pose” will help you centre, collect your thoughts and release testosterone to help your negotiating mindset. Go into a private office, or the loo and stand, feet at hip-distance apart, planted on the ground, hands on hips, body standing tall, looking straight ahead. Close your eyes if you wish. Then breathe deeply and slowly. Let your head empty of all the day’s noise. Then… off you go, you superhero!

There’s plenty more, like what sort of negotiating personality are you? Are you giving too much away? So join us on Tuesday and become the negotiator you deserve to be.

Join us for an insightful evening on Tuesday, May 7 at 6:30 pm for a Masterclass in Negotiation, where Melanie Morris, IMAGE Contributing Editor, will welcome Stephen Boyle, Lecturer and Programme Director of UCD Michael Smurfit Executive Development: Winning Negotiation Strategies.

What to expect at the IMAGE Masterclass:

  • Bubbles and delicious canapes from 6:30 pm
  • Networking with like-minded people
  • A Masterclass in Negotiation with key takeaways, tips, and tricks
  • A Q&A session with our speaker
  • The opportunity to win some fabulous prizes
  • A luxury gift bag for all guests to take home, including treats from Dylan Bradshaw, NIVEA, Glitz N’ Pieces, Dr. Bronner’s and Green & Blacks

The IMAGE Young Businesswomen’s Forum also qualifies as two hours of structured, non-core CPD hours.

Buy your tickets here

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