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Seven reasons to subscribe to the IMAGE Daily Newsletter

by Erin Lindsay
30th Oct 2018

Morning routines getting you down? Let’s face it, there’s only so much email-answering you can do at 9 am before you need a break. This is where a great newsletter can break up the monotony, but with the majority in your inbox spamming you with sales and offers, it’s difficult to wade through to the good stuff.

The good stuff, of course, being IMAGE. You may not know, but we here on IMAGE’s Digital Team spend our evening curating the best and brightest content for you to enjoy first thing every morning. From fashion to beauty to long-reads to news, every day has a different, but equally exciting theme, that will actually make you excited to open your inbox. I know, it seems impossible, but it’s true.

Many newsletters provide great content, but we bet there’s none that give you the Irish-focused, female-forward pieces that we do every morning. Don’t believe us? Here’s what you’re missing:

Monday: Beauty Bits

You’re feeling a little worse for wear after the weekend and your skin looks a little rough around the edges. You don’t have the headspace for heavy reads on your commute and just want to daydream about the pamper session you’re going to have once you get home. Monday’s Beauty Bits, full of the best content about everything from serums to fake tan, has you covered.

Tuesday: Ten Things to Buy

It is well established that Tuesday is the worst day of the week. The motivation of Monday is gone, the hump is still a day away and the weekend is but a speck on the horizon and a distant memory all at once. Only two words can make this awful day better. Retail therapy. Tuesday’s Ten Things to Buy is a run-down of what IMAGE is lusting after this week.

Wednesday: Woke Wednesday

Kick your inner social activist into gear every Wednesday with our specially curated Woke Wednesday newsletter. Content on everything from recycling to feminism; to any social issue that’s been on our minds. Basically, it’s your guide to being a better person. You’re welcome.

Thursday: Throwback Thursday

A classic theme for a classic newsletter. Want to know what was trending this time last year on IMAGE? Or a sneak peek into our extensive archives of iconic fashion moments from years gone by? Throwback Thursday is your weekly dose of nostalgia, neatly packaged in a digital envelope.

Friday: What’s On (+ Your Chance to Win)

It’s finally Friday! And to celebrate, it’s the weeks’ most active newsletter. Friday sees your run-down of Dublin events going on that weekend, plus a weekly guide to the city’s best eateries. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be running a weekly competition to win some gorgeous prizes, exclusive to you, our lovely subscribers.

Saturday: ICYMI

Once you’re finished Saturday morning catch-ups on the Instastories and Snapchats from the night before, dissolve the inducing fear with your weekly ‘In Case You Missed It’ newsletter from IMAGE. All of our most read and most important pieces from the week before, collected especially for a weekend read.

Sunday: The Sunday Papers

Ahh, the Sunday papers. One of life’s simple pleasures. And now, you don’t have to deal with the newsprint ripping and ink all over your hands. Recline into a squashy armchair with our week’s most thoughtful long-reads, and get settled before the long week ahead.

So… what are you waiting for? Sign up for our new and improved IMAGE newsletter and start receiving content every morning.