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A Mother’s Day poem for all the mums, ma’s & mammies of Ireland

by Geraldine Carton
31st Mar 2019

This is a poem for the mothers of Ireland

A small gesture to show our appreciation and love

Because on Mother’s Day, there’s no better way

To say yiz are all heavenly angels sent from above

From the very start and those first nine months

It was clear that you’d be a great mummy

As you walked around with a big smile on your face

And never complained how I was stretching your tummy…

I can’t say I remember the day of my birth,

But I’m told that you were brave as can be

Breathing in and breathing out through those moments of pain

…Until out *popped* little me!

My childhood is filled with memories of you

Whisking me up into your arms to shower with cuddles

In between shouting “Ah Jesus Christ almighty!

When I’d ruin your clean floors after jumping in puddles…

The mother goose; the watchful lioness;

The sideline cheerleader always supporting my cause

Indeed you’re a woman of many formations

From in-house chef to Santa Clause!

I remember you wiping my tears when friends were mean

Or when things went wrong, as they often do

And should a teacher ever treat me unfairly?

Oh, you can bet they’d have my mum to answer to.

Through the years your roles have changed somewhat;

Lifts to the local disco replacing picnics in the park

And I learnt I could always count on you to tell me

When my outfit clashed, or my fake tan was “far too dark!

You’re a women who appreciates honesty

So I’ll say it straight – sometimes you drive me spare

Like when we’re watching a film together

And you continuously ask “Wait, what happened there?!

But whilst you don’t get movies

You seem always know when I’m in need of a chat or a vent

And with a cuppa tea and a bikkie (or two)

This time together is always time well spent

So despite the constant questions during movies

And the slight digs at my hairstyle or fake tan (!!)

What I’m trying to say is that you’re one in a million

And I’m so thankful that you’re my mum/ my mammy/ my mam. <3