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Four flawless make-up tips for glasses wearers

by Hannah Hillyer
21st Mar 2019

As someone who has recently started working in an office, it has meant that my occasional screen time glasses wearing has been upgraded from ‘sometimes‘ to ‘all the time‘.

Never one to miss an opportunity to accessorise with something new I decided to switch my occasionally worn frames, which were looking quite battered, to a new pair from Ace & Tate. I went for a totally different style and got clear acetate frames, with a slight pink tint to them.

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As a make-up lover and experimenter, this made me re-think how I did my make-up. Does it need to be more pared back as there’s already enough going on with the addition of glasses? Or do I need to ramp it up a notch so that my eyes are still a feature, not just my frames?

Read on for our top make-up tips for glasses wearers;


Sometimes it can feel as though your glasses are slipping and sliding all over the place. Before you blame your foundation, check first that your glasses fit you correctly. A good optician will make sure you leave with frames that fit correctly over the bridge of your nose and are comfortable to wear. On the other hand, if you are fond of a glowy base your glasses may slide around on top of the product. You could use a slightly mattifying primer just where they sit on your nose, try, Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer or alternatively just apply a little extra powder to this area.


As glasses already add an extra dimension to the face you could be wary of a strong brow. My glasses are a soft, clear pink so I like a strong, defined brow to counterbalance this. If you are already wearing thick, dark-rimmed specs that partly cover your brows you may want to go a little lighter handed in this area. Glossier Boy Brow is a great product for this as you can apply on its own for a softer look or on top of pencil for more drama. Bobbi Brown is the queen of this look, and she is also a glasses wearer!


For what to wear on your eyelids, we would suggest ramping it up slightly. Especially if you’re new to wearing glasses you may feel your eyes look smaller and are hidden away. If you usually wear soft, neutral tones your eyes can look a little washed out underneath your lenses, so add a soft brown pencil or shadow right at the root of the upper lash-line. This won’t differ too much from your usual look but will just add some extra definition where needed. We especially love Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock n’Kohl   eye pencils as they are so soft and easy to smudge if you want to avoid any harsh lines.

Be bold!

If you used to be quite daring with your makeup, and a dramatic eye look was your thing, don’t let glasses stop you. Experiment with colour, you could go matchy-matchy like Louise McSharry and pair your red frames with a red lip. Personally, my frames are very simple and clear so I love the contrast of a bright blue or green eyeshadow peeping out from underneath and paired with the bright shadow they make my eyes more of a feature.

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