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09th Dec 2013

This week sees rising indie-folk songstress Inni-K, give the Fund-it campaign for her debut album its final (and all-important) push. We’re praying she makes it, and not because we’re really generous that way. It’s because we want that album in our ears? soon.

So, what’s Inni-K all about? Well my name is Eithne?N? Chath?in (Keane), so Inni was a childhood nickname that meandered its way from Abhainn na hEithne and my surname. When I made the move from being a traditional musician onto my current, more contemporary road, I wanted a new identity that was still me? and so I went back.

How do you feel this week? It seems as though a lot has had to happen just to get me to this point and I’m now running on adrenaline, really. I’ve been writing the album for three years, at least. I have the wonderful producer Jason Boshoff on standby (he’s produced for the likes of Lisa Hannigan, Elbow and David Gray) and I’m so ready for it to become a body of work – so that people can hear it.

What influences you most? Music seems to be my way of processing things, whether that be something beautiful, or something very painful, like the passing of my father two years ago, which was a very creative time for me. As far as my music contemporaries go, I love Islandic and Nordic musicians like Emiliana Terrini, Soley and Ane Brun.

You travel the world with Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre – what keeps you coming home? I have this struggle with wanting to live somewhere like Berlin and being constantly drawn back here. Dublin, especially, is going through a very exciting time creativity-wise, since emerging from that time of too much money. When you need something, you ask for it and so relationships are born? creativity is a requirement for success? and I really want to be a part of that.

So, what can we expect from the album? Until it’s recorded it’s still evolving and finding its identity, so I can’t give away a whole lot, but it’s definitely a development on ?Gentle Star? and ?Find the Beat?? more refined, faster and a further step out of my comfort zone, into a sound that I find very exciting.

Inni-K is in concert with Caoimh?n – Raghallaigh, The Lost Brothers and Luka Bloom at the Unitarian Church, Dublin this Tuesday, December 10th. Book tickets here, fund her album here, check out her blog here?and watch her gorgeous video here

Kate O’Dowd @kateodowd