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Stylish houseplant accessories for any budding plant parent

by Megan Burns
15th Feb 2020

Up your houseplant game with these accessories to make looking after your green housemates a breeze.

As someone who works for an interiors magazine, I can tell you without hesitation that few things instantly improve the look of a room so much as a houseplant. There’s something about that injection of green that lifts the rest of a space, no matter its style or colour scheme.

With this knowledge, however, comes struggle, as anyone who has the death of a once-green plant on their conscience knows. From overwatering to leaving them too close to a draft, owning a houseplant can seem rife with potential for failure.

I, for example, discovered the hard way that while my bedroom windowsill gets plenty of sunlight on summer mornings, during the winter months it receives no direct sunlight at all, a realisation that came at the expense of an unfortunate calla lily.

However, you can set yourself up for success with the right equipment, with designs that you’ll be happy to have on display. Here are a few of our favourites.

houseplant accessories

A little spritz

While our default is to happily chuck water over our plants, many that come from humid environments much prefer to be misted, with perhaps an occasional watering. This brass water mister is beautiful enough to sit permanently beside your plants, and you’ll probably be less likely to forget to give them a spritz. Heritage brass water mister £15, and Parade plant pot in Antique Rosa from £13, Ingredients LDN.

houseplant accessories

Get digging

Many plants you buy will be itching to get into bigger pots than the small ones they came in, so you’ll need a trowel to move them to a larger home. Do some research however before you start, as some plants are fussy about the time of year they are moved, or prefer to have their roots tightly bound by a small container. Mini trowel, €4.50, Howbert & Mays Gardens.

houseplant accessories

Party mood

If you’ve acquired some cacti or succulents, these slow-growing plants are unlikely to need repotted for quite some time, so you can focus instead on making them look their best. These colourful concrete pots are perfect for smaller plants. Planters from €20, Hey Bulldog! Design.

houseplant accessories

Drink up

Watering can be a treacherous business. Overwatering has been the downfall of many an enthusiastic plant parent, yet you don’t want your plants dying of thirst, either. The only solution is researching the plant you have thoroughly – try and find information on the exact variety you have, as this can affect the conditions it prefers.

Whether you’re watering daily or once every so often, this cute watering can will look great perched on a shelf in the interim. Mini Yellow earthenware watering can, €23.50, Oliver Bonas.

houseplant accessories

Hanging around

These Helen Faulkner plant pots would make a beautiful gift for a plant lover, or a wonderful feature in your own home. Hand-thrown and finished with a contrasting white rim, they’re perfect whether you’re looking for a hanging design or something more traditional. Hanging plant pot, €45 and short plant pot, €48, Irish Design Shop.

houseplant accessories

Holiday help

If you’re worried about leaving your plants when you go away, these ingenious watering bottles will put your mind at ease. You fill them with water and push the nozzle into the soil, and the bottles will gradually release water into the soil. They will keep a plant watered for up to a week, depending on how much it requires. Iittala watering bottle pack of two, €29.90, Finnish Design Shop.

Featured image: Ingredients LDN

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