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Coffee Table Tomes To Covet

14th Feb 2017

Offering a respite from the digital rigours of the day, our edit of’stunning coffee table books will appeal to lovers of beautiful and considered imagery.

1. Perfect Imperfect: The Beauty of Accident, Age & Patina

Books For Every Coffee Table

Perfect Imperfect: The Beauty Of Accident, Age & Patina (Murdoch Books)?

Based on wabi-sabi, the Japanese concept of finding?beauty in imperfection,?Perfect Imperfect?profiles?the makers’merging the best of 21st century digital technology with the handmade, and interior designers considering space in a new way, all alongside stunning visuals from the homes and studios of international and Australian creatives.

2. Balthazar Korab Architect of Photography

Books For Every Coffee Table

Balthazar Korab Architect of Photography (Abrams & Chronicle)

Celebrating the life and work of?prolific architecture photographer Balthazar Korab, John Comazzi’s biography contains?over one hundred of Korab’s photographs,?including Le Corbusier’s Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University and?J?rn Utzon’s Sydney Opera House. An absolute must-have for fans of mid-century architecture.

3. Morandi’s Objects

Books For Every Coffee Table

Morandi’s Objects (Abrams & Chronicle)?

Morandi’s Objects is a tribute to the Italian still-life artist, Giorgio Morandi, whose work captured the beauty in?ordinary, everyday objects.?Photographer Joel Meyerowitz spent the spring of 2015 in the painter’s chair, photographing?the light as it crossed the vases, shells, bottle and cans that filled Morandi’s work, just as the artist would have seen it.

4. Rainforest

Books For Every Coffee Table

Rainforest (PQ Blackwell)

Featuring a breathtaking collection of images and considered text,?Rainforest offers a unique insight into how our planet works and what is needed to protect and develop this most fragile and beautiful ecosystem. Adventurers and eco-warriors both will be fascinated by the’diverse animal species, heroic human explorations and breakthrough discoveries.

5.?Edward Burtynsky Essential Elements

Books For Every Coffee Table

Edward Burtynsky Essential Elements (Thames & Hudson)

The first comprehensive retrospective of the work of renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky, whose work captures the effect of man and the economy on our environment. Lauded for his large scale images and monographs, this book contains 140 photographs of iconic and previously unpublished photographs. Photography buffs will enjoy the accompanying?articles which provide a fuller understanding of ?Burtynsky’s work.

6. Melting Away

Books For Every Coffee Table

Melting Away (Princeton Architectural Press)

To expedition photographer Camille Seaman, no two icebergs are the same, and over a decade, she has chronicled the accelerated effects of global warming on’the Arctic and Antarctic. In Melting Away, 75 images’reveal not only what we have already lost, but more importantly what we still have that is worth fighting to save.

Featured image photograph by Philip Lauterbach