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Image / Editorial

Anouska & Ronan

14th Feb 2014

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Anouska Proetta Brandon and Ronan McDonnell are one of Dublin’s most recognizable couples if you count yourself among the followers of fashion. They first came on our radar via Anouska’s phenomenally popular fashion blog – it is now her fulltime job – and we’ve been slightly obsessed with them since. Because it’s Valentine’s Day we decided we finally had an excuse to investigate how these two first connected and so we decamped to their new and unsurprisingly very chic apartment on Mountjoy Square.

?I first saw Ronan on Myspace,? Anouska admits when asked about how they first met. ?I saw his picture and thought ?This guy is really hot.? So I added him and he then left me a comment on my page like ?Hey pretty face.? And I was like ?Oh my God!? and then we started talking. I was away on holiday in France for two months, he was inter-railing. We were talking over the summer and met up when he came back. And that’s pretty much the story. When we first started going out I was bit embarrassed about saying Myspace, but that’s a bit retro now.?

And Ronan’s first impression of Anouska? ?I thought you were very nice,? Ronan says.

They first ‘met? outside Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre six years ago, soon after their online correspondance. Anouska was 17 and Ronan 22.

?It was a really lovely hot day. Sept 5th I remember.? Anouska recalls.

Ronan ventures, ?The 5th or 6th.?

?It was the 5th – that’s our anniversary.? She explains. ?We hung out in Stephen’s Green and had our first kiss in Stephen’s Green. And our first proper date? Well, I really wanted to go to Planet Love, this one day techno thing. But the tickets were like 70 quid and the next time I saw Ronan he had gotten me tickets. And then it all went downhill from there.? She smiles infectiously and it is very apparent that these two are very much in love. Ronan and Anouska talked us through their relationship and the day that is Valentine’s.

?We are not particularly into Valentines day usually, but with moving into our new place we didn’t have the chance to get each other anything special for Christmas, so we are splurging on gifts this Valentines day!? Anouska explains – and if you want documentary proof check out her instagram from this morning.

With a profile like Anouska’s a supportive partner is key. ?Ronan has been a huge help for me with my blog, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for him. From designing my website, to taking my outfit photos for the last three years – even when he is really busy, he always makes time for me. I appreciate him everyday for that.?

The fact that Ronan maintains being her Guy Friday while managing the digital marketing for Alpha Payments Cloud‘means he gets all the brownie points. ?He’s kind, supportive and very loving. What more could I ask for??

Where do we get a Ronan?

Photos by Ailbhe O’Donnell