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9 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

by Lauren Heskin
13th Feb 2017

Sometimes the traditional guestbook can look a little out-of-date at a wedding. You know it’ll?inevitably get shoved into a book case, only to be pulled out when you’re writing your thank you cards and?trying to jog your memory as to exactly who bought you the gravy boat.

But while a physical book might be a little old-fashioned, the tradition of having your guests leave their kind wishes and advice is a wonderful way to remember?the day you shared with those you love.

There are some alternative options?that’ll memorialise your day beautifully and you can proudly display them in your home?as ornaments and decorative pieces. Here are 8 of the best.


Globe or Vintage Map

globes & maps

Weddingomania /?How Does She?/ Wedding Chicks

You can paint over your globe so people have a clean canvas to work on to keep it busy with the original map. Same can be said for a flat map, it can be global or just a country or even county version. Pick one that you find aesthetically pleasing and have your guests sign any available space. Get it framed and find the perfect spot to quietly celebrate your wedding in your home.

If you’re having a bash with lots of guests from afar, consider pins with labels on them so people can pin their own home town and leave a note attached. Afterwards, string some twine so they all converge on the wedding place for a nice finishing touch.




Photo Credit: Harwell Photography?Styling: Alise Taggart

This idea we’ve nabbed from one of our very own Real Wedding features. Way back in BASH Volume 5 we featured Lauren and Adam who got’married in their college town of Stateboro, Georgia USA. They had a selection of vinyl records for guests to sign so every time they played one they’d think of loved ones and their wonderful wedding day.


A Volume of Poetry or Verse

vinatge book

Southern Living?/ Southern Wedding?/ Pinterest

Sometimes it can be tricky to write a heartfelt congratulations on the spot mid-way through cocktail hour. Why not give your guests a helping hand and have a battered volume of love poems, or world atlas, even a dictionary as your guest book. Guests can underline their favourite verse or word and how it applies to the newlyweds. If you’re going for an atlas, have your friends and families pick the place they feel the bride and groom must visit?and write a note explaining why. Beautiful, touching and helpful when planning your one-year anniversary.


Finger Print Prints

finger print

Etsy / Etsy

Granted, we’re well aware that this can sometimes look a bit twee, and your guests might?end up with multi-coloured smudges?all over the glassware. But done well, it can look so beautiful and will be something you’ll hang with pride, rather than tuck away in the back hall bathroom. It’s probably worth having someone look after the stand, at least for the first half hour so you can ensure a good mix of colours and spacing. Once the outline is fairly clear you can leave it up to your guests.


Miniature Envelope Scrapbook


Pinterest?/ Brides?/ Project Wedding

We’re sort of in love with this idea and it so simple. Get a blank?book and invest in some pretty little envelopes and glue them in. Leave different coloured cards for your guests to write their advice and well wishes and you can take your time opening them. It also feels more personal as other guests won’t be reading each other’s?words to the happy couple.


Boards, Oars, Skis

skis board

Brides / Weddingomania /?Etsy

If you’re an active couple, consider using picking up an old pair of skis, an oar or a surfboard that your guests can sign. Go for a decorative version and they’ll’make for a great statement piece in your home.


Polaroid Photo Guestbook


Fab Mood /?Bridal Musings?/ Brides / Philadelphia Magazine

If you want to avoid the whole “every single instant of our?wedding is on Instagram before we’ve even cut the cake” but don’t want your guests to stop taking snaps, go for a photo book. You could even opt for a peg line and have your guests write their notes to you on the back. Ta dah! You have a beautiful wedding collage made up of and by your loved ones! Get it framed with glass on both sides so you can read the lovely messages!


Folded Paper Notes

paper hearts

Brides /?Etsy?/ Etsy?

This idea is as adorable as it is pretty. Folded shapes such as balloons or hearts glued into asymmetric designs or pictures that?your guests write their messages inside. Don’t worry if you’re not that handy with a glue gun, there are some gorgeous options available online. It’s like an advent calendar for adults! Peek inside each folding for a little piece of wisdom or wishes.


Vintage Postcards


Wedding Chicks / Brides?/ Pinterest / Brides

Colourful postcards make for a great and unusual guest book. You can buy them in bulk online and you can either slot them into a guestbook or hang them around your home. Pick cards you like and that relate to you. Even better, ask guests to enter their own address into marked out space on the back, so it’ll be quick and easy to?write up those thank you’s.

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