Working from home tips and tricks, as recommended by IMAGE readers

We asked IMAGE readers to share the WFH pointers they picked up during the first week of social distancing 

There are plenty of upsides to working from home. You don’t have to take on traffic. You don’t have to wear make-up. You don’t have to spend half the morning searching for a pair of unladdered tights…

But that doesn't mean it’s easy. Working from your kitchen table (or a makeshift ironing board desk, as this writer has been doing) requires discipline, focus and, of course, routine.

Earlier this month, thousands of Irish employees started working from home for the first time. And while week one was a learning curve, week two was when they started to find their rhythm. 


When we asked IMAGE readers to tell us what they learned during their first week of working from home, their advice was deceptively simple. 

For many of them, routine was the name of the game. “A routine is important,” said @pennywarnock. “Waking up early and getting dressed are key for sanity.”

@endagirl agreed. “Establish a routine, write a to-do list the night before, plan your meals in advance.”

Regular breaks were also recommended. “Keep as normal a routine as possible, shower, get dressed, exercise and take your breaks,” advised @orla_nic. “Eat good breakfast, shower and brush teeth and take a lunch break,” said @kateatipp. 

“Get some exercise in, instead of a commute. Have regular breaks,” advised @ngryson. 

Of course, a break doesn't have to involve coffee, pointed out @sara_gilligan. “Get outside for fresh air on your lunch. Get up every hour and move,” she said.

And a coffee break doesn't have to be enjoyed alone, said @emma.arlow. “If working near your partner, schedule in a coffee date for 15 mins,” she said. 


Other IMAGE readers highlighted the importance of minding your mental health and staying connected. “Don’t suppress feelings of panic and anxiety,” said @joooooliee. “Acknowledge em, unpack em and let them go.”

“You’re in control of your mood,” said @aoifeloy. “Ensure you speak to your colleagues throughout the day,” added @endagirl. 

And while many of us are enjoying the break from make-up and hair styling, @kinda.dublin said she prefers to be prepared for unexpected Zoom calls. “Definitely wear make-up in the morning,” she said. “You never know when colleagues want to video chat.”

For the most part, IMAGE readers were rapidly adapting to their new normal and creating daily routines that worked for them. However, we'll have to give the final word to @codysmum who gave a brutally simple answer when asked what she learned during her first week of working from home: “It sucks”. 

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