Tír na nÓg Clinic sees unprecedented amount of stress related hairloss

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 Tír na nÓg Clinic (specialists in medical and surgical hair loss solutions) are seeing a surge in stress related hairloss since Covid, and have solutions that can help

So much of our confidence, security and sense of self is wrapped up in our hair. While some men and women adjust better to hairloss than others, the reality is that many people struggle with the transition. Hairloss can occur for a variety of reasons, such as pattern baldness, or as a result of stress or illnesses. Tír na nÓg Clinic are specialists in medical and surgical hair loss solutions and since reopening in July, they have seen an unprecedented amount of stress related hairloss and scalp irritation. Covid 19 is showing its effects in ways previously unseen by the clinic.

Hair restoration technology has advanced in recent years, meaning Irish men and women having procedures to create a look they are more comfortable with. Tír na nÓg Clinic is a family-run clinic owned by husband and wife team Dr Kevin and Natasha McDonald. Dr McDonald is a highly skilled surgeon, and prior to hair transplant surgery he worked in Cardiothoracic Surgery for over 10 years, in some of the top public and private hospitals in Dublin and the UK.

“We’re a close knit team here in our clinic, and we like to be as open as we can,” says Dr McDonald. “We also know that going into any clinic can sometimes be a daunting experience and we do all we can to help put everyone at ease.”


Based in a state-of-the-art medical centre in North Dublin, Tír na nÓg Clinic use the latest in equipment, knowledge and technology: “The treatments that we recommend for our patients are purely on a medical basis, while still being able to deliver them at an affordable price. We offer packages tailored to our clients’ needs, and work closely with them as a team to provide holistic, long-term solutions to your hair loss,” continues Dr McDonald.

“These packages involve both medical and surgical treatments, and we offer PRP (platelet-rich plasma), a therapy that uses injections of a concentration of the patient’s own platelets to accelerate healing, a couple of weeks after every transplant.”

Medication is also offered to stop further hairloss, and it can help to regrow hair that has gone into a dormant stage but hasn’t yet died. During lockdown the clinic was working hard to put together a topical version of the medication offered: “We really wanted to do this because some oral medications are not suitable for some clients, as they can suffer from some of the side-effects. A topical version, which contains both Minoxidil® and Finasteride, helps avoids those risks. We have achieved our goal, and now are the only location in the country to provide this medical hair foam as an alternative to oral medication.

“What’s most important to the team at Tír na nÓg Clinic is that our patients get the best possible treatment for their hairloss. We regularly see them come back with hair, and more importantly confidence within themselves,” concludes Dr McDonald.

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