#OneaDay: The Digital Marketing programme at TU Dublin that can prepare for a post-Covid career

As part of our partnership with iZest's One a Day project, we're shining a light on Irish businesses and projects that are doing things differently during the pandemic. This week, we're looking at the MSc Digital Marketing programme at TU Dublin, who are offering a scholarship to the programme through One a Day

Now more than ever, those looking for new job opportunities are reminded how invaluable upskilling can be. Whether it's a quick online course, or enrolling at third level, now is the time to invest in yourself and your future more than ever.

In TU Dublin, the MSc Digital Marketing programme is useful for many career paths, and they are now looking for applicants for this year's course. Teaming up with One a Day, the department is offering a full fees scholarship to the course, which would set up students for a practical path into digital marketing. IMAGE sat down with Programme Director Tara Rooney to find out more.

Could you tell us a little bit about the Digital Marketing MSC programme at TU Dublin, and what it covers?


The MSc Digital Marketing is a specialist programme that develops a student's digital skills. We cover a variety of topics including Digital Strategy, Social
Media Marketing, Digital Campaign Planning, Data Analytics, Marketing Technology, Regulation and Governance and Business Research Methods.

All our modules focus on delivering an experience that exposes students to practical industry engagement, so each module has an embedded live client brief as part of the module assessment. The programme also offers a work placement in a digital role. This is an invaluable way for students to gain on the job experience and expand their network.

During the programme students are also invited to partake in our Post Graduate Seminar Series, attend site visits to  industry and participate in a variety of digital events.

How is the scholarship awarded? What are you looking for in a candidate for the programme?

Applicants are assessed by an impartial panel based on a scoring scheme. The panel will look for levels of education and/or industry experience. Candidates can apply via the OneAday platform and will need to include a current CV and a letter expressing how COVID 19 has directly impacted their career or their business. The panel would also like to hear how this scholarship could help the candidate in their progressing their post COVID 19 career.

What would the scholarship cover?

This is a full fees scholarship, so it will cover the fees for the programme.


How much of a benefit would the MSC programme be to those looking for employment and new career paths post-Covid-19? Have you had many students give feedback on the programme?

The programme is very practical and really provides students with a holistic understanding of how digital marketing theories and concepts impact and drive business. The embedded placement is invaluable in allowing students to gain industry experience and really prepares graduates for accelerating their career as Digital Marketers.

Given the unexpected and dramatic enmasse move to digital since COVID 19, graduates of this programme will have acquired and honed a unique set of skills that is in very high demand. We are so proud of our alumni who now work around the globe across a wide section of industry from digital agencies to large tech firms. We regularly invite them in to chat to current students and tell us about their careers as we feel this is important to show students what is possible.

What would your advice be to the Class of 2020 who are facing an uncertain immediate future right now?

My advice would be to remember that given their knowledge and experience in digital, they are uniquely positioned to help businesses, society and the economy in the COVID 19 response. We have all seen just how important technology and digital communications have been in our changed reality, in connecting people and bringing us together when we had to remain apart.

Graduating students can be responsive to these changes and use their unique skills to create new opportunities for all, dissolve old barriers and literally, shape the future.



OneADay is asking people and businesses like Venture Network to donate 1% of their time, platform, energy or money towards a cause. iZest see the campaign as a way to curb some of the stress and anxiety around the pandemic, and get people connecting in a new way.

How it works

If you like the sound of putting your newfound free time to good use, here's how the initiative works. If you're a business, you can register your details with iZest and let them know what your OneADay will be. It can be anything — use your imagination. Some great ways to lend your support could be:

  • One Hour a Day – If you have the time, use one hour of your day to do some pro bono work for a company or charity that might need the extra help.
  • One Call a Day — Give the time for one over-the-phone consultation per day with someone who needs some business guidance.
  • One Shout-Out a Day — If you know a small business or someone who needs a signal boost, use your online platform to give them a shout-out.
  • One Introduction a Day — Know someone who would be perfect for another company's opening? Use your connections to introduce them.

If you need the services of a company that's involved in OneADay, you can contact them directly and share your details, and why you think teaming up could help.

And if you're an individual who wants to get involved at home, that's great too. Your OneADay could be anything from posting One Workout a Day online to help other families who are cooped up at home to stay fit, or One Lesson a Day, sharing a skill with those who are looking for inspiration.


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