OneADay: our partners tell us how to get the most out of iZest's everyday kindness project

As part of our partnership with iZest's OneADay project, we're shining a light on Irish businesses and projects that are doing things differently during the pandemic. But how can you get the most of the project, and use this time to your advantage?

This is a difficult time for businesses around Ireland, as they try to pivot their models to suit our new version of 'normal'. Everyone is struggling, and has questions about the best way to adapt to what's going on.

The best way to find out is, of course, just to ask. Reaching out to a mentor or expert in your field can be invaluable in making sure your business stand through these testing times, but where to begin finding the best people?

OneADay, iZest's new initiative, aims to curb some of the stress and anxiety around the pandemic, and get people connecting in a new way. It's the perfect chance to ask the questions and make the connections you've been waiting for.


OneADay is asking people and businesses to donate 1% of their time, platform, energy or money towards a cause. It could be helping another business out with some new software, or connecting two professionals that you know could help each other out. It could be shouting out new businesses on social media, or offering your services to someone who really needs it.

Want to make the most of your OneADay? The initiative's partners have offered their best advice on how to navigate this exciting project.

izest Marketing

Top tip: There are a lot of businesses engaging with the OneaDay initiative so if you want to stand out from the crowd, we would suggest that you post regular content about your involvement with the initiative; either showcasing what you can do or talking about the interactions you have already had through the platform. Make sure you tag us,, on any content you post on Instagram and we will be able to reshare it with the OneaDay audience.

Versify Network


Top tip: As meeting face-to-face is almost impossible at the moment, building new relationships is a challenge. The OneADay initiative is an excellent oppurtunity to make new connections. Reach out to your fellow collaborators on the platform and find out how you can learn from one another. Focusing on expanding your network will mean you're well positioned when the economoy starts to move again.

The Engine Room

Top tip: One a Day offers the opportunity for any size business to access a broad pool of industry knowledge that they might not otherwise have had the budget to previously gain access to. What we have found is when it comes to advertising and comms, so many businesses forget to start with the basics. To begin by simply identifying your audience and how you can speak to them without needing big budgets — starting with a website, social media or simply connecting with people in your local area is a really good place to start.


The Communications Clinic

Top tip: Make use of the contacts you already have. Go through your phone book and see if there’s anyone that might be able to do you a favour, whether it’s mention you on social media, give you a shout out on the radio etc. Keep your eyes and ears open. For example, Ireland AM are giving small businesses the chance to promote their products/services on the show each week.

LeoCo Collective

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It can be hard to find a meaningful ways to respond and help during this crisis. One way I'm assisting is through my #OneADay. It's my way of supporting individuals & businesses on a collaborative platform. I work for myself & many of my projects have been cancelled. It's tough, very tight (€€) & little scary. But I'm healthy and so lucky. So, I can use this time for positive change. If I can help one biz or individual with their story & offer branding / PR advice for the coming months... Brilliant! So, you'll find me doing this, thinking of new wonder plans, concentrating on my coaching... And walking the legs of the 🐶. If you have time, ♥ or a need for expertise, check out #OneADay #sme #supportsmallbusiness #stayhome #staycalm #mondaymotivation #dowhatyoucan #remotework #standtogether #localbusiness #selfemployed #coronavirus

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Top tip: Journalists are always on the hunt for stories. Read, watch and listen to media to discover which journalists cover what you do. Then contact them. Don’t contact everyone, just the journalists who are relevant to your brand and your audience. And have high quality photographs ready!


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We're doing #oneaday 💛 It's no secret that small business owners have been hit hard by the #Covid19 crisis — but, a campaign by Irish business @izest_marketing aims to help in any way they can ✨ The #oneaday initiative works by getting each person or business involved to donate 1% of their time, platform, energy or money towards a cause. If you need the services of a company that's involved in OneADay, you can contact them directly and share your details, and why you think teaming up could help. iZest see the campaign as a way to curb some of the stress and anxiety around the pandemic, and get people connecting in a new way 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 We at IMAGE are delighted to be a part of it. Visit for more information #linkinstory

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Top tip: Get creative! The basic ways we used to connect with others in our field are paused right now, but that means that there are a lot of fun, new ways to discover. Grab a virtual coffee with someone, offer some advice via Instagram stories or TikTok, and always be on the lookout for how those you admire are navigating the online world right now. These are skills you'll carry with you far beyond quarantine, and it's worth the time you invest.

How OneADay works

If you like the sound of putting your newfound free time to good use, here's how the initiative works. If you're a business, you can register your details with iZest and let them know what your OneADay will be. It can be anything — use your imagination. Some great ways to lend your support could be:

  • One Hour a Day – If you have the time, use one hour of your day to do some pro bono work for a company or charity that might need the extra help.
  • One Call a Day — Give the time for one over-the-phone consultation per day with someone who needs some business guidance.
  • One Shout-Out a Day — If you know a small business or someone who needs a signal boost, use your online platform to give them a shout-out.
  • One Introduction a Day — Know someone who would be perfect for another company's opening? Use your connections to introduce them.

If you need the services of a company that's involved in OneADay, you can contact them directly and share your details, and why you think teaming up could help.

And if you're an individual who wants to get involved at home, that's great too. Your OneADay could be anything from posting One Workout a Day online to help other families who are cooped up at home to stay fit, or One Lesson a Day, sharing a skill with those who are looking for inspiration.

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