Niamh O'Sullivan shares a glimpse inside her home office in Co Kildare

As WFH becomes our new normal, we're looking for some home-office decor inspiration. Here we're looking back at Niamh O'Sullivan's home office in Co Kildare, which she shared with us in 2019

When it comes to style, food and travel inspiration, Irish blogger Niamh O'Sullivan has long been our go-to – but now she's bringing interiors inspiration too.

The Kildare-native, who has more than 40,000 Instagram followers, has been busy working for herself since returning from a two-year stint in New York. With the hectic schedule that comes with building a personal brand, Niamh has decided it's time to develop a dedicated workspace at home.

Here, she talks us through her recently-finished home office, including why she designed it this way, as well as her favourite elements of the room.


Niamh's office

"I completely underestimated the power of a peaceful and personal working space until I brought my home office to life this year," she says. "I only really started working for myself mid-2018, so up until February/March of this year, all of my work was done from my kitchen table or a café. My only regret with this project is that I didn’t do it sooner," Niamh adds.

Niamh O'Sullivan

"There wasn’t a huge amount that I could physically change, as this is my parent’s house and I hope to eventually move out on my own; so painting the walls was as far as I could go really. I decided to go white and bright, as this is an attic room and I wanted to make the most of the light.

Niamh O'Sullivan's Office 1

"I wish I could have wooden floors under my rug, but it was too costly for me at this point," Niamh explains. "I bought the biggest rug that I could find on RugVista, and I adore it! The rug serves more than one purpose in this room though… I think it really helped me to tie in the colours, and it also helped me to marry the old and new elements".


Granny's desk

"My favourite piece in the office is, without a doubt, my desk. It belonged to my Granny, and we recently had it restored. The detailing is just divine; I’m planning on holding on to this forever, it’s so special to me.

"It was a challenge to integrate it into the room because everything else felt very modern (the desk was a late entry to my collection of furniture!). I think the design on my rug brings an old-style vibe – it feels perfect.

"I also have an old-school lamp on the desk that my dad has used for years, and I feel like it complements it so nicely along with a Lyle’s Golden Syrup tin that I use as a pen holder."

Colour scheme

Niamh says, "I always liked the earthy tones that the wooden skirting boards brought to the room, so when I introduced lots of plants and greenery, it felt like everything came together.


"Blue is the strongest colour throughout, thanks to the carpet, but there is also an accidental series of blush pink accents. My lamp has rose-gold; I threw some pinky-grey pebbles into my potted plants, and I filled the gaps with pink and blue candles.

"The scent in the room is also so important to me," she says. "Candles and fragrance diffusers also serve as gorgeous decorations – I wouldn’t be without them now," Niamh tells us, adding, "The main shops that I bought everything from were MADE, Zara Home, RugVista, and trusty IKEA."

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This article first appeared on in May 2019.

Photos: Niamh O'Sullivan


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