How to use Instagram to promote your brand (and other social media tricks)

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How can you optimise your brand on Instagram  to stay ahead of the competition? We ask Gillian Horan, key speaker at the IMAGE Young Businesswomen's Forum in The Westbury Hotel on August 29

I am fan of Instagram for loads of reasons, but so often, brands let it dictate their brand strategy.

Here are some of my tips on how to maximise your brand on Instagram, while still building it from all angles.

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Not just for Instagram

With Instagram being one of the most popular social media platforms, companies often want to know how to optimise their brand message through the platform. It is absolutely crucial to remember that what you are communicating via the social media tool is about communicating who you are. It is about what and how you communicate in all touchpoints of your brand. Instagram is just one social media channel out of multiple channels and platforms in which you can communicate your brand.

Brand strategy

Think about the messages your are communicating on Instagram, and all of your platforms. Do they align to your agreed brand message and is it in line with your overall strategy?

This is your purpose, positioning, values, objectives, architecture, messaging, personality, vision and mission brand message. It is your visual identity. It is your employer culture. What tone of voice do you use in your posts? Are your values as a brand communicated in your posts?

Is this brand strategy not only reflected on your Instagram page, but also on your other channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?


Look and feel

Does your Instagram account reflect your brand identity? Does the look and feel reflect your values and messaging across all platforms? It is vital that your brand is consistent across all channels. So think of the colours, the visual language, and the style of photography.

"We need to create synergy throughout our messaging."

Is what you are doing on Instagram the same as your business cards, packaging, website? If the answer is no, you need to create more synergy throughout your messaging.

Tone of voice

Does it reflect your brand’s traits / personality? For me this is where Instagram plays a solid role in the world of brand. It is a great channel to express the fun parts of your personality. For example LinkedIn is a lot more formal so take this opportunity to connect with your audience and let them see your personality traits. And when I say this I mean your brand personality traits not the personality of the person who is running the account.


Communications channel

Your instagram account or whichever platform you choose is a communications channel. It is vital that you then communicate on that channel.

"All the research shows that customer engagement increases customer loyalty, sales and ultimately drives business performance."

Post on a regular and consistent basis and engage and communicate with your followers. All the research shows that customer engagement increases customer loyalty, sales and ultimately drives business performance.

Optimise your bio

Focus on your posts and Instastories, but don’t forget about the opportunities that lie in your bio to promote your brand e.g. an Instagram-specific relevant bio link pointing to your homepage or a promotion. Your bio is a powerful call to action.

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