Stand out from the crowd and kickstart your business career with this Mini-MBA at Queen's University

Where better to add to your skillset than a university that has appointed Hillary Clinton as chancellor?

It's never a bad time to upskill, but the struggle is finding the time.

We're all living busy lives with full-time jobs, children to look after and social lives to keep up with. Fitting in time for study can often be tricky, especially as we get older.

But Queen's University in Belfast is offering a Mini-MBA, with all of the key learnings a full-time course will offer, just in a reduced amount of time – and at a reduced rate.

The William J Clinton Leadership Institute's Mini-MBA Programme is a specialist course that delivers a highly impactful grounding for the essentials of management and leadership in today's business world.


It is ideal for anyone looking to get a more rounded understanding of their business, whatever level they are at now.

The key takeaways for participants are understanding the key factors that impact on business performance; having a thorough understanding of business fundamentals; becoming fluent in the language of business and increasing confidence and insight into the world of business and the role you will play in it.

Queen's is offering two courses: one in May 2020 and one in July 2020. The price is €2,250.

If you're interested in furthering your career and gaining an insight into business leadership on a course with fantastic networking opportunities, click here. You might even catch a glimpse of former first lady of the US and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton on campus.

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