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Job opportunity: IMAGE Media is hiring a Branded Content Editor - someone who is passionate about creating flawless editorial and social media campaigns for brands

July 2019: Join IMAGE Media as we further consolidate our position as the number one place for Irish women to access premium lifestyle content. Our goal is to reach every tuned-in woman in the country with our 360-degree campaigns across print, social, video, events and digital.

We're currently recruiting for a Branded Content Editor. This person is passionate about creating flawless editorial and social media campaigns for brands. The ideal candidate will write with precision, clarity and credibility. They will understand and work to creative briefs, translating concepts into engaging stories that communicate coherent brand and campaign messages across multiple platforms.

They will have digital marketing experience and the ability to manage the social promotion of each campaign, ensuring results. We are looking for someone who is solutions-oriented, self-motivated and passionate about developing great ideas that are on-brand.


The ideal candidate will be a team player with a track record of creating and promoting exciting and engaging branded and organic content across all platforms, including digital, video, social and experiential.

Preferred skills:

You have at least 5 years’ editorial experience, preferably with some of that in branded content, and at least 3 years’ digital marketing experience, preferably in publishing.


  • You have a track record of creating exciting and engaging content across all platforms, including digital, video, social, print and experiential.
  • You have a strong digital editorial sensibility: excellent at producing shareable, digital-friendly content.
  • You are a strong writer and an ideas machine as well as an exceptional editor; knowing the tweaks that turn a good story into a great story.
  • You understand and work to creative briefs, translating concepts into engaging stories that communicate coherent brand and campaign messages across multiple platforms.

Digital Marketing

  • You are experienced in Google Analytics, social media insights tools, Chartbeat, scheduling software and Newswhip.
  • You are committed to and experienced using data to build audience engagement.
  • You are experienced in social media management, managing social media for paid promotions and you understand the power of social selling.
  • You have experience managing, monitoring and responding to findings through analytics across platforms, adjusting campaigns and building audience engagement based on these insights.
  • You are skilled in the creation of ads across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube using campaign managing tools.


  • You have excellent communication skills; you are not afraid to have difficult conversations about campaigns.
  • You are a solutions-oriented and a bridge-builder, working with teams that have different experiences to build engaging digital products.

You will:

  • Serve as lead editorial creative (editor and writer) on assigned commercial campaigns, including pre-sale ideation and all aspects of post-sale execution.
  • Develop innovative content programmes that deliver on client objectives and create winning client proposals that outline and promote these content programmes.
  • Effectively execute projects through expert client communication, editorial judgment, social media promotion and impeccable timeline delivery.
  • Manage all social media campaigns for branded content campaigns, including: design and implementation of cross-platform social media strategy to align with client KPIs; daily M&E; adjusting of campaigns to achieve the most effective results.
  • Develop branded readership engagement through: analysis and reporting of audience information, behaviour and demographics; follower growth and content engagement strategies; use of current and new technologies and trends in social media and use of design tools and applications.
  • Set up clear metrics to evaluate the success of programmes and optimise programmes by adjusting content mix and distribution strategies.
  • Prepare in-depth, engaging, informative and emotive copy for branded content on, social media channels, for IMAGE Magazine and, occasionally, directly for clients.
  • Assist the Branded Partnerships team in conceiving of and refining ideas for sponsored campaigns - these ideas must feel organic to each brand and fall within the parameters of what the client seeks.
  • Ensure all timelines are achieved and Branded Partnership campaigns sit within the overall editorial approach and calendar in a seamless manner.
  • Write custom branded content within IMAGE's verticals including, but not limited to: brand-dedicated feature articles, brand slideshows, brand-dedicated emails, brand-sponsored video copy, brand social sell copy and co-branded collateral.
  • Commission in-house writers from the editorial team and freelancers to create engaging content (digital, video, etc), edit and promote this content.
  • Put the client first, consistently producing content that exceeds their expectations and is in line with IMAGE values and standards.
  • Juggle client demands and timelines with creating content that is on-brand, taking into account our brand values, standards, and quality checks
  • Stay up to date with news and trends in fashion, beauty, business, advertising and branded content, digital and social media, and any other topics relevant to your role and the audience.


Send your Cover Letter and CV to [email protected].

Apply now. Closing date: Aug 10, 2019


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