10 reasons you need a (virtual) seat at Image Business Summit

Ahead of the Image Business Summit, moderator and IMAGE Contributing Editor, Melanie Morris shares the ten reasons you need a ticket.

The Image Business Summit takes place Nov 18 & 19, in partnership with PwC. Get tickets to hear from speakers such as Gina Miller, entrepreneur and activist; Anne O'Leary, CEO of Vodafone; Dr Anita Sands, Board Director, speaker, author, former Fulbright Scholar; and David McWilliams, Irish economist, writer and journalist. 


Remember the camaraderie of attending events? The catchups over coffee and the chance introductions to people who might help shape your future? Well, we may not be able to hand you a drink, but we can guarantee you’ll instantly feel that sense of togetherness by joining us virtually for this incredible, inaugural IMAGE Business Summit. Brought to you by the same team behind the annual IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year Awards, you’ll hear how your peers, your thought leaders and key men and women of influence have been surviving, and thriving throughout their careers as well as over the past few months. And who knows, you might pick up some fresh new ideas.


2. Quality Keynotes

We’ve gathered a collegiate of successful, entertaining industry leaders with international standing to share their experiences and insights. Join us as they take us inside their global boardrooms to let us see how we can really up our game.

3. Panel Discussions

Whether lifting the lid on successful entrepreneurship, learning from the challenges of 2020, examining the role of philanthropy in business or digging deep into our ever-evolving ways of working, become part of our information-rich panel discussions and absorb learnings that will keep you ahead of the curve.

Get tickets for the Image Business Summit here  

4. Leading by Example

A mentoring masterclass on the ever-evolving skills necessary to ace presentations 2020-style; the Presenter Mentor Rowan Manahan will lead this session as we learn some very simple secrets to highly engaging communications (sneaky insight… it’s not a skill you need to have, it’s the enthusiasm that you need to show).


5. Lightbulb Moments

The joy of the IMAGE Business Summit comes from those brilliant soundbites that cause lightning to strike… when someone shares something that ignites an idea within and catapults you forward. We challenge you to listen to Dr Antia Sands, Linda Kiely, Gina Millar and Anne O’Leary and not have several of these priceless lightbulb moments.

6. Access All Areas

We don’t do tiered pricing or reserved areas; all ticketholders get the full IMAGE Business Summit experience and…

Get tickets for the Image Business Summit here  

7. Access at Your Convenience

… Summit delegates can watch our sessions live, or watch back on-demand. Unlimited access to links for all talks, panels, keynotes and masterclasses will be available to ticketholders to enjoy, for two weeks after transmission.


8. Incredible Value

While it wasn’t our original intention to host a virtual Business Summit, we are delighted that going this route offers outstanding value. We can offer the very best content, produced to highest standards, over two days, for the one-off, very affordable price of €69.

9. Stay Connected

And while we can’t be together physically, via the platform for the Business Summit you will be able to virtually meet and chat to other attendees. We'll be connecting before, during and after the Summit, sharing opinions and plenty of behind the scenes action on all social media platforms via #IMAGEBusinessSummit. Be sure to follow and join in!

10. It’s just around the corner!

The inaugural IMAGE Business Summit beams into wherever you’ll be comfy, on November 18 and 19. This is your chance to reboot, and an opportunity to on-board a whole new toolbox of skills and assets to drive the year home, and, best of all, prepare for lift-off in 2021.

Get tickets for the Image Business Summit here  



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