Your Every Nail Question Answered by Pamela Laird

Celebrity nail artist Pamela Laird answer all those nail questions you've been wondering about. Will our nails become damaged from too much Shellac? Do we need breaks in between manicures? Below we get to some serious nail myth-busting.

Is it inevitable that our nails will become damaged/weak over time with constant manicures?
Definitely not! Once shellac and gel are applied and removed properly, there should be no damage. ?However, I think we have all had a go at removing our own gel/shellac ourselves by picking it off so that will absolutely damage the surface of the nail. Nails like to be protected from daily hand washing etc. so always keep a base coat on your nails even when not wearing colour.

Do you find people may not realise that beautiful nails start on the inside?
People often think if their nails are weak or damaged that's just the way they are, and there's nothing they can do. ?But even your diet can affect your nails, so it's great that people have an option like Power Nails to give their nails the nutrients like Zinc, Biotin and Silica they need to grow healthy and strong.

Why do these ingredients work well for healthy nails?
Zinc promotes growth for the tissues required to grow healthy nails. ?Biotin is well known for helping repair brittle nails and encourage strong nails. ?Silica gives your nails the flexibility and helps stop your nails from splitting.

Is it important to take breaks in between manicures?
Not if you are using the correct products. ?So nail hardeners, for instance, should only be used two weeks at a time so that you don't overuse them. ?But with hand cream, cuticle oils and proper nail filing it's important to be consistent to keeping your nails in shape.

What's your biggest tip for healthy nails?
Wear gloves when doing washing or housework, treat your nails as jewels, not tools!


Is there a right and wrong way to file nails?
Yes always file from side to centre in a swivel motion. ?This will seal the edge and prevent splitting.

Cuticle oil - should we be using it? Why? How often?
Yes always! The skin around the cuticle needs a higher concentrate than hand cream to be absorbed. ?Right under the cuticle is where your nail is formed, (the matrix) the cuticle provides a water tight seal to prevent any bacteria getting in. ?So keeping the cuticle hydrated will help to stop the skin splitting.

What foods are good for healthy nails?
Foods rich in protein and oils are great for nails e.g. fish and spinach.

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