Working 9-5: Key confidence products to always keep at your desk

Confidence is key at work, but it doesn't always come easily. Sometimes your boss lady sass levels might need bolstering from your favourite beauty product. Here's what I turn to to level up at work.

A quick powder

Called in to an important face to face with your boss? Need to deliver a killer presentation? The last thing you want to have to think about is whether you're visibly shiny, giving away your nerves (or the lack of aircon in the office).

Apply some finely-milled powder to your t-zone with a small brush to give yourself reassurance and top up any foundation that might've transferred off during the day. I love Charlotte Tilbury's Airbrush one for such occasions.



Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder

€42 from

A boosting scent

Nothing says 'confidence' to me more than my absolute favourite scent in the whole world - Another 13 by Le Labo. I do occasionally change things up and wear something else, but when I need to feel invincible, or feel like my very best self, I turn to it for a spray of instant moxie.

Whatever your scent of choice, make sure you have a travel size (or full size, of course) version to hand at work. Don't overdo it - no one wants to smell you before they see you - but let it make you feel like you.



Le Labo Another 13 Eau de Parfum

€232 from

A powerful red lip

There's nothing like a slick of red lipstick to pull your shoulders back for you. I always feel miles more confident when I wear one - and at the very least, it might distract the attention from your tired eyes, hastily thrown together outfit or the fact that you're just having a terrible day.

I always opt for one that is low-maintenance, one that I can lash on easily without intricate application needed. This one from Chanel is the pop of colour your need and is in the shape of a crayon, so really easy to apply even if you've no mirror.


Chanel Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur in Framboise


€35 from

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