Why #ThePowerOfMakeup Is Trending

There's been a lot of bitchery in recent years about makeup trends. Everyone has an opinion on contouring and YouTube tutorials. Brows are the true beauty debate issue of our generation. The No Makeup Selfie trend became a race to find which filter made you look mod blemish free. And then there are the people who like to shame women and men for choosing to wear a lot of makeup, as opposed to embracing the natural look. We here at IMAGE.ie feel that when it comes to makeup and beauty go with what makes you feel ace. As Princess Mia's bodyguard in The Princess Diaries says ?No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.?

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However, women are fighting back against this judgmental ignorance with the rather empowering hashtag #ThePowerOfMakeup. It all started when Youtube beauty star Nikkie transformed half her face with products and left the other side untouched and makeup free. Nikkie wanted to promote the philosophy that no one should dictate what makes you feel beautiful. She seems to have touched a nerve. Women all over are joining the conversation, posting selfies under the hashtag. Here are some to give you an idea of what it's all about:


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