Hyaluronic acid and micellar water: Why our hair deserves the same treatment as our skin

At every life stage we spend a huge amount of time and effort on facials, why not take this approach to our haircare?

We invest in our skincare routines at every life stage.

In our teens, we invest in acne-fighting creams and scrubs. In our 20s, we spend big bucks on serums and oils that promise to keep our skin hydrated and supple. Our 30s are spent fighting the signs of ageing by stocking up on miracle eye gels and ampoules for fine lines. And on and on we go into our 40s, 50s and 60s until our vanity tables can't physically hold any more beauty products.

But a major part of our beauty routine neglects a massive part of our personal identity – our hair. Our hair is a comfort blanket for so many of us: it's our 'thing' that identifies us and something we wouldn't leave the house without coiffing, prepping and styling to perfection.


So why don't we show our hair the same amount of care that we show our skin?

That's about to change, because 2020 will now be known as the life-changing year you discovered facials for your hair.

Pantene Pro-V has launched the first haircare range – Hair Biology – with skincare-inspired ingredients such as micellar water, rose water and hyaluronic acid.

The shampoo, conditioner and mask sets are designed to cater for every hair need at every life stage after groundbreaking research from Pantene scientists revealed that as the needs of your skin change over time, the same is true for your hair.

The main changes are that as we age, our hair produces less oil, and there is a reduction in diameter, compared to in our youth when our hair has more oil and pigment.

And for the first time the Hair Biology range also targets those with ‘combination’ hair, a problem we would normally associate with skin. Those who suffer from combination hair usually have dry and damaged ends as well as oily roots.

Hair Biology


Cleanse & Reconstruct
This hard-working shampoo, conditioner and mask trio fights the production of excess sebum for all-day clean roots and moisturised ends. Inspired by skincare, it is composed of micelles to attract and remove residues. It’s Pantene’s first silicone-free shampoo and conditioner, formulated with rose water as a symbol of gentle purification, to nourish damaged lengths and deep cleanse your roots. Hair is kept free flowing and healthy looking.

De-frizz & Illuminate
This trio is packed with hyaluronic acid and omega 9 to fight stubborn frizz, add elasticity and boost colour vibrancy. By showing your hair the same love you show your skin, this shampoo, conditioner and mask helps fight the signs of ageing and brings back shine and moisture to colour-damaged thick and wavy hair.

Full & Vibrant
This is a unique blend of lotus flower and omega 9, ingredients known for its astringent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This potent trio boosts fullness of thinning hair, revives dullness and helps repair colour damage. A shampoo, conditioner and mask that help fighting the signs of ageing and give back shine and volume to fine, dry and frequently coloured hair.


Grey & Glowing
This combination of intense purple shampoo and conditioner acts on existing yellow fibres, turning yellows into whiter tones, acting just like a concealer for your skin. Equipped with the highest level of antioxidants protecting from external sources, such as damaging ions, and packed with jojoba oil to bring back shine and provide hydration.

Going forward, the beauty mavens at IMAGE are taking Pantene's advice and will be treating our hair with the same amount of love and energy as our skin. For more information on the Hair Biology range, see pantene.co.uk

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