Why Make-Up Actually Empowers

There's been a huge buzz recently about whether we should embrace our wrinkles and face the world au naturel, or grab that make-up bag and rightfully claim the confidence it brings.

We always adored Renee Zellweger just the way she was, and applauded when Frances McDormand responded as to why plastic surgery angered her so much: ?because it takes it [life] away. It's like, ?I'm going to cut out, I'm going to erase 10 years, 15 years.??

Now our beloved Jennifer Aniston has gone bravely bare-faced through her new film Cake and described the experience as 'so fabulous, and so dreamy and so empowering and liberating.?

Well, power to any forty-something who happily ditches the beauty products for their face to be screened around the world, but we're just not sure that choosing to wear make-up is such a bad thing.

Marc Jacobs SS14


And now the fashion industry has finally come on board with the sans make-up trend and we've taken notice. When Marc Jacobs sent all his models down the catwalk for a final show at New York Fashion Week, we commended him, and definitely see it as a step in the right direction for embracing women's natural beauty.

That being said, we see no reason why we should lament the women who do choose to accentuate their own gorgeousness with the help of the cosmetics industry. Why knock an action that reminds you of your best features every time you look in the mirror?

Despite the fact that the make-up industry is often guilty of preying on our imperfections, there is a lot to be said for facing the day with a flawless complexion and a luxurious layer of red lipstick.

We're not entirely certain that the supposed patriarchy of the make-up industry is still alive and well. As we've already discussed, recent findings by St Ives suggest that wearing make-up is only about looking good for the opposite sex for one in ten of us.

So then, why do we feel the need to never leave the house without a swipe of foundation and a flick of mascara?

Because beauty products genuinely make us feel good about ourselves, not men, not our friends, but us: strong, confident women. Why not show off the gorgeous lips your mama gave you with the help of the lipstick gods?

Jen, serious respect, but we won't be ditching the powerful confidence boost the contents of our make-up bag give us each morning anytime soon.


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