What's your beauty star sign?

We're all familiar with the signs of the Zodiac, and whether you believe it all or not, so many of us still read our horoscopes day in, day out because we LOVE being analysed and having our innermost thoughts revealed to us on paper. But which beauty products suit the main traits of your star sign? Let your astrological leanings seep into your beauty choices and try out some new brands, products or styles.


Bold, ambitious and audacious, the beauty product that most suits an Aries is a strong lip colour that is unapologetic in its intimidation.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Carmen, €31



Reliable, patient and stable, Taurus was a star sign made for good skincare products. A high quality vitamin C booster that would play well with your other skin products is a winner for Taureans.

Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%, €70


Double jobbing products are the Gemini dream. Something that, like Geminis, can split itself in two to make sure double the amount of work gets done will speak to this sign on a very real level.

PIXI + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse, €31


Loyal, tenacious and family oriented Cancerians are a bit sentimental and love to reminisce. So what better than a good old waterproof mascara for those teary days?


Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara, €35


Passionate and fiery, Leo usually symbolises a 'king' but in our case, we're taking it to mean queen. Huda, of Huda Beauty, is the queen of Instagram beauty and her Obsessions palette is just right for hot-tempered Leo.

Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette in Warm Brown, €28


Charlotte Tilbury's Look in a Palette is the perfect pick for any true Virgo beauty lover. Practical and logical, this will appeal to the Virgo's earthiness, and will give them a chance to show off their beauty skills.


Charlotte Tilbury Look in a Palette, €69


Represented by the scales, Libra people are all about balance, harmony and symmetry. Which is why balancing skincare, especially something with calming lavender in it, is just the job.

Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner, €29.50


Focused, intuitive Scorpio is a star sign that's often misunderstood as being jealous, vengeful and manipulative. But the bravery and resourcefulness of the sign makes wearing a sheet mask in public something they'd definitely do.

Seoulista Instant Facial Brightening Mask, €8.99



While some Sagittarius people are known for promising more than they can deliver, that cannot be said for this Born To Run palette from Urban Decay. It's ideal for this sign as Sagittarius are known for being adventurers and loving to travel.

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette, €47.50


Capricorns love discipline, control and knowing what's going on at all times. The Ordinary skincare will appeal to someone who is that level of organised, and someone who wants measurable results.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, €6.80



Humanitarians, healers and dreamers, Aquarians want sustainable packaging, recyclable contents and no single-use plastics. REN Skincare have pledged to be a zero-waste brand by 2021 - and they make incredibly good skin products to boot.

REN Micro Polish Cleanser, €24


Pisces embrace lots of the best (and worst) of the star signs, being the last one on the list. But their artistic flare, gentleness and wisdom make Drunk Elephant, newly launched in Ireland, their ideal partner.

Drunk Elephant Sukari Babyfacial, €71


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