What can we do about split ends? Can we ever 'heal' them?

Peter Mark's longest-serving staff answer the big the questions: what can we do about split ends? 

The longest-serving staff at Peter Mark share their advice on split ends. Can we ever heal them? How do we prevent them? And how much time and money have I wasted applying split end repairing products?



Peter Mark's Long Service Awards recognised 75 employees who have worked at Peter Mark for 10 years or more. Collectively those 75 people honoured today have over 1,400 years of experience in the hairdressing industry ranging from stylists to support staff. 

Patricia Mulcahy, Peter Mark Wilton, Cork, 40 years of service, joined in 1979

A regular haircut is the only way to prevent split ends. When your hair splits on the ends, the damage can migrate up the hair shaft and can lead to long term condition issues and breakage. If you are experiencing split ends, I would recommend using the REDKEN Extreme Length System, from €19.50 which can help your hair grow an incredible 6 inches a year.

Redken Extreme Length Primer, €23

Rosemary Reilly, Peter Mark Newry, 35 years of service, joined in 1984

You can't heal split ends but you can help prevent them! REDKEN Primer and Sealer, €23 each, are an amazing product specified to help with split ends. It's a two-part home care treatment to prevent split ends and keep hair looking healthy. In this day and age, people are addicted to hair straightening and curling tools, so it’s so important to use a good heat protector in the hair. My favourite is Nioxin Therm Active Protector, €19.90, which reactivates in the hair five times maximising heat protection. The new technology of the ghd Platinum+ can also prevent split ends as the new heat technology is specified to your hairs type and density.

Nioxin Therm Active Protector, €19.90

Marcus Daly, Peter Mark Dundrum Main Street, 20 years of service, joined in 1998

I believe prevention is better than cure. Split ends are caused by a number of factors such as overuse of styling tools and not using heat protectors, but with the correct products, you can help restore the hair cuticle back to its original state. People hate to hear this, but if you regularly colour or style your hair, split ends will naturally happen and it is important to address this before it causes a long-lasting condition issue such as breakage which will migrate up the hair shaft.

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans and Peter Mark.

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