Bridal manicures: what colours, shapes and preparation

Roisín Lawless, founder of Chipped, the new nail subscription bar at the Powerscourt Centre, shares her tips and tricks for bridal nail trends to try and love.

What colours are good for brides?

"For brides, not much has changed over the years. Most brides tend to get colours that compliment their dress, such as blush pinks, nudes, French tips and ombré."

Should brides wear nail art?


"Some more outgoing brides like to add nail art but still like to stick to the traditional style. Some popular nail art ideas are dainty hand-painted designs in white, such as roses and swirls. Glitter, Swarovski crystals and pearls can also be added for more glitz and glam."

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"It all comes down to preference. Brides with naturally short nails sometimes opt for gel nails for extra length and strength on the big day. Other brides like to keep it natural and could even add a gel overlay for extra strength to prevent a broken nail on the wedding day."

What nail shapes are stylish now?

"A natural shape and length has always been a timeless classic for brides. However, it completely comes down to preference and what is in style in general at the time. Popular styles at the moment in the nail world are ballerina, almond and round-shaped nails."

How can a bride keep her nails prepped ahead of her wedding day? 

"Apply cuticle oil every night as the skin repairs itself overnight. By doing this, the oils will work their magic overnight and your cuticles will look perfect on your wedding day. Make sure to apply hand cream throughout the day to hydrate the nails and hands.


"Gently push back your cuticles every week to help them to grow and to prevent them from becoming overgrown. Always wear cleaning gloves when doing housework and never use your nails as tools. As we like to say in Chipped, “your nails are jewels, not tools.”


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