We Love Clarins New Mission Perfection Serum

Here at IMAGE, we love a good serum. They are a skincare staple, or as our IMAGE.ie Editor Ellie will tell you, they should be. A decent serum will super-charge your skin and care for it at a deeper level. If you're lucky, you'll see some results right away, but the purpose of a serum isn't always instant results; the best of them should see you notice a marked difference in your skin as you go from your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. A'serum doesn't replace a moisturiser (a common myth), but will work in tandem to deliver primal results.

As this writer is a beauty junkie and pushing thirty, I'm not only obsessed with serums, I need to be using one. So Clarins couldn't have released their new Mission Perfection Serum at a better time. Clarins products are a dream for the skin. The team are devoted to the idea of?plant-based skin care, so their range is filled with products that are intended to be completely natural and kind to the skin. This means no harsh chemicals, which is perfect for those with the most sensitive of skin.

The latest offering from the iconic brand promises a flawless?complexion, and the serum is intended to correct pigmentation such as dark spots, acne marks and redness - without?altering your natural skin tone. It's aimed for all women, so whether you need to correct dark spots or need to restore skin pigmentation, this will do the trick. ?

The science behind this serum is based on exosomes - the so-called 'bad guys' when it comes to skin decay and pigmentation. Clarins, along with a world-renowned research centre, have determined that when these little messengers are exposed to aggressions like UV rays and inflammation, these?exosomes trigger an increased production of melanin: the pest responsible for the appearance of dark patches and other blemishes. ?Mission Perfection stops this process ?by using extracts of acerola (of the cherry) which help to block these "bad messengers". There's also extracts of gingko biloba in there which promote a healthy natural glow?and gentle fruit acids which smooth the texture of the skin.


As you can see, it's a multi-purpose serum and it doesn't disappoint. After using the product twice daily for almost a month, I can already see results. My skin pigmentation is pretty horrific thanks to multiple acne scars, but my skin feels and looks smoother. Some of my worst pigmentation has started to fade, so I expect great things as the months go on. It's also nicely moisturising (serums that are too drying wreak havoc on my skin), but doesn't block my acne-prone pores. My face also looks very dewy in the mornings, so the serum is doing something right, even at his early stage. This one will be bought on repeat as it runs out.

The cost is €60 for the serum, but it's a big enough bottle and one pump should suitably cover the entire face.

Would you try this one?

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