Waxing: Your Definitive Guide To Gorgeous Grooming

With so many options for a bikini wax - from the simple to ?all off? - we get the lowdown from Ellen Kavanagh, founder of Waxperts, on what's involved and what to ask for.


A modest bikini wax, most suitable for Bridget Jones underwear.


A tighter wax, suitable for high-cut underwear or swimwear. Sometimes called a ?high leg? bikini wax.


Not quite a Brazilian. but leaves some hair behind. Suitable for a G-string. Ideal for those who don't want to be bald but want a neat result.


The classic Brazilian leaves a strip or small triangle of hair on the front of the bikini line. You can decide how much hair on top you want to keep - it doesn't have to be tiny. In fact,
a neat triangle can be a more flattering, natural shape.


Totally bare. All hair is removed.

Tips To Remember

Any bikini wax can be tweaked to your preference. Just chat to your therapist before she begins and be clear on what you want.?At Waxperts, the Brazilian and Hollywood are our most popular waxes - we do over 1,500 of them a year.?You can still get your Brazilian done when pregnant. Keep your appointments to every four weeks to ensure it's as comfortable as possible.?Use the Waxperts Wonder Pads, €9.99, daily to keep skin smooth and ingrown hairs at bay.

For more information you can visit Waxperts at 78a Lower George's Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, or at waxperts.ie.

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