Water-based foundations to see you through the end of summer

Water-based foundations are the dream when summer finally lands and we're melting - like today. Here are the ones I'm loving lately, and why water-based ones are so refreshingly good...

It. Is. So. WARM.

As a country, we're not terribly well-prepared for heatwaves - we don't have air conditioning, most of our clothes are more winter appropriate than summer appropriate, and our make-up collections? Heavy, rich foundations to combat the cold we normally face is the norm. But if you're looking for a lighter approach, there are some gorgeous water-based options to turn to.

Water-based wonders



MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation

€36.50 from brownthomas.com

Probably a bit less known than its Face and Body or Studio Fix counterparts, Studio Waterweight gives the best of both - SPF30, lightweight feel but enough coverage that you know it's there. It's also a really good option for long-time MAC lovers who want to go slightly lighter.


Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation

€39.50 from Debenhams.com


I tried this for the first time recently and was really impressed. It feels super light and quite fresh on the skin, while still giving enough coverage to satisfy my visible rosacea. It takes a couple of minutes, but once it's dried in, it doesn't budge.


Chanel Les Beiges Eau de Teint Foundation

€60 from brownthomas.com

This is for those among you blessed with good skin - it doesn't offer massive amounts of coverage, but the hydrating, glowy finish it gives skin is unparalleled. I love the unique brush you apply it with too, and it's got the same hydration power as Chanel's Hydra Beauty skincare range.

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