Watch This Man's Family React To His Shaved Face After 14 Years Of A Beard

The beard. It's everywhere. On the red carpet - Hello Jamie Dornan! On the streets - Hello Dublin! On the face of most boyfriends - Hello dermatologist being able to tell what kind of facial hair my beau sports because of chin ?issues?!

However, while facial fuzz is enjoying a long cultural moment, we still occasionally pine for the day of the clean shave. Especially if you have a jawline like Henry Cavill. That head.

But sometimes a shave isn't just a superficial leaning, it can be something of a personal revolution, totally changing a man's face. This razor ad from Israel for the Super-Pharm's Life M6 razorblades is essentially a short film about one man's decision to shave off his beard, which has been part of his ?look? for 14 years. Amit was the bushy faced man the brand found and his reaction to getting rid of his beard was interesting. He's worried about people perceiving him as lacking virility, thus establishing facial hair as something associated with masculine power.


Have a watch of the entire short below as Amit goes about his daily life with a ?new? face. Our favourite part? When Amit visits his daughter in the playground, and she's probably the quickest person to recognise her daddy. There's a kiss on the recently shaved cheeks that will melt your heart.

Via Ad Week

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