Watch: Orange is the New Black Beauty Tutorial

Today is Orange is the New Black day! Have you called in a cheeky sick day to binge watch the comedy drama Netflix show? Or are you waiting until the evening for a night of cancelling plans and in-front-of-the-laptop vegging? The entire office is committed fans of the story of Piper, an ordinary-on-the-surface gal who finds herself behind bars after a misadventure from her early twenties catches up with her ideal existence. It's one of the most refreshing shows on television, with a diverse cast of women actresses telling stories

If you ever wondered how all the characters manage to look so fab in an imaginary prison - hello Alex's killer eyeliner - then beauty vlogger Jamie Greenberg is here to shed the light on just how you can manage to hold onto your beauty regimen when your liberty is in the hands of the government.

Greenberg, who wore an orange shirt for the occasion, has made a video detailing how ordinary items available for purchase in the Commissary, a prison tuck shop of sorts, can double up as beauty essentials.

Pepto, which is a liquid you ingest for stomach upsets, can be used as a blush, with it's pink bubblegum shade suiting most skin shades. Flavoured ice tea powders can prove resilient lip stains. Hot chocolate can act as a bronzer although you'll smell like a Starbucks. You can also use it as eye shadow - and a wet jelly bean can be an eyeliner. Just goes to show there is a lot of dye in our food.


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