Watch: Make-up Artist Creates Amazing Video To Combat Gender Stereotyping

Inspired by the outfits worn by Amber Rose and Blac Chyna at this year's VMAs, YouTuber and make-up artist Jordan Hanz has created a powerful video protesting the way woman can often be stereotypically labeled.

In the stop-motion video, she?paints herself with all the unfair standards and stereotypes women can?face on a daily basis. Hanz, who used Kryolan and Mehron Make-up body paints, said she thought about the stereotypes that she and the women in her life have had to fight against as inspiration for the project. As the clip goes on, more labels gradually begin to appear on her skin.

The stop-motion clip makes for an amazing watch and took Hanz hours to create. She is also a gifted MUA, who has created some incredible transforming looks on her Instagram account:

The video clip's message is particularly powerful, as Hanz explained she was a victim of sexual assault. To that end, writing the words ?asking for it? was particularly difficult for her: ?After I was assaulted, I was made to feel that it was my fault,? said?Hanz. ?Victim-blaming and slut-shaming is something that I want to break down. Writing the words on my body was actually more emotional than I thought it would be,? she told Buzzfeed.

?As a woman who speaks out against others, I've often been called a bitch,? Hanz said. ?There is such a double standard when it comes to powerful men and women.


In the end, Hanz wipes all the paint away and ends with this empowering message: ??If we love each other and have unbreakable self-love, NOTHING can hurt us,? she added. ?We are strong, bad-ass women that are ladylike as f**k because WE choose how we see ourselves.?

We couldn't agree more.

The video has exploded online over the last 24 hours and is a must-watch. See it below:

Via Buzzfeed

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