Watch: Lady Gaga's Be Yourself Shisiedo Video Is Powerful

Of all women in the public eye who will go to lengths to encourage women to be themselves, love themselves and decide that they are beautiful however way they choose to be, it's always Lady Gaga. Here she teams up once more with?Japanese beauty brand Shisiedo, for a commercial video urging fans to never let someone else tell them what is beautiful. Joined by her French bulldog Miss Asia Kinney (whose fast becoming as famous as her pop star owner. Seriously, check her out on Instagram) the 29 year old singer takes us through an impressive number of ensemble changes in under 30 seconds, in an attempt to encourage viewers to embrace their own sense of individuality. This is part of Shisiedo's Be Yourself campaign.

'Everyone shines in their own unique way, but only you know what your beauty is?" says Gaga.

Watch the video here for some Wednesday inspiration.


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