Watch: Keira Knightley Talks Beauty Secrets & Screen Idols With Chanel

Actress Keira Knightley seeks out compelling characters, both in terms of roles she chooses and her on-screen idols. Therefore, it makes sense that she star in the second episode of Chanel's Beauty Talks, a series which sees make-up designer Lucia Pica converse with a host of powerful female influencers, sharing beauty tips, hacks, insider secrets, all the while spreading the word on their latest collection and cult products. As well as her presence?on stage and screen, Knightley's?beauty make her an obvious choice for a Chanel ambassador and she'sat down with Pica in her dressing room to recreate a modern take on 1930s make-up;?compete with a subtle smokey eye,?pearlescent skin and standout lip.

The Atonement star advises that those with fuller brows should always come them through, talks of her love of red lipstick and when doing her own make-up, all brushes are confined to the bin as she prefers to apply it with fingers only. See more of her tips, tricks?and behind-the-scenes secrets?in the video below:


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