Watch: Karlie Kloss Posts First Beauty Tutorial

Former Victoria's Secret model, baker and all-around entrepreneur Karlie Kloss has just released her first make-up tutorial via her YouTube channel Klossy, and it's fairly obvious that she isn't your average vlogger. For one thing, how many can say that they have a major celebrity make-up artist giving them a hand? Kloss teams up with Sir John, a L'Oreal Paris brand ambassador who is best known for his work with Beyonc?. The video recreates Kloss' Met Gala look from this year, and it's all about a smoky eye.

Her sultry gunmetal smoky eye, flawless glowing skin, and a pinkish beige lip make for a soft, simple effect, and thanks to the six-minute clip, it's a look we can all (try to) achieve at home for upcoming Christmas?parties.

Kloss at this year's Met Gala Kloss at this year's Met Gala

The video is full of excellent pointers, such as always make sure to use a pencil and a powder to fill in your brows, so they don't fade as the day goes on. When it comes to making the best of your pout, the make-up pro shares a tip he learnt from Queen B - apply your lipstick onto the bottom lip before doing "fish mouth"? a motion where you squeeze your lips together repeatedly - until the perfect layer of colour is achieved. This look is all about the eyes and Sir John reveals he used L'Oreal Paris Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner in Green Ivy to enhance her peepers. The subtle use of colour amps the entire look up a notch.

Watch the full tutorial below and get ready to rock a smoky eye this Christmas:

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