Watch: Gisele Bundchen Shares Her Make-Up Secrets With Chanel

In a genius content marketing move from the creatives at Chanel, they've just launched a series of beauty talks for which their global creative colour and make-up designer Lucia Pica get cosy with a host world famous female influencers, sharing beauty tips, hacks, insider secrets, all the while spreading the word on their latest collection and cult products. First up? They've recruited none other than Gisele Bundchen who shares her take on off-duty make-up. With a particularly angular face, and one that earns her millions every year, Gisele has always found that less is more, she's always looking to soften the angles rather than enhance them even more. She's not a major lipstick fan but if she wants to feel a little sexier she will always apply a beige lip liner for a more 3D effect. This is a lip-plumping hack we'll certainly be incorporating into our beauty routines on our off days, when a strong lip colour is the last thing we're after. With skin like hers, she doesn't need much by way of coverage so on her down days you'll most likely find Gisele dabbing foundation around her eyes, particularly at the edges where she says can get quite red and around the mouth and chin; she tends to avoid anything too heavy on her cheeks. Then, an avid fan of the sun-kissed natural look, she applies a little cream blush to her cheeks and the bridge of her nose, putting back the flush of colour that the foundation would have taken away.

The pair wrap up with a selfie, of course, because there's no quicker way of telling whether you've succeeded with your make-up application with a decent pic, right?

Watch it for yourselves below; we can't wait to see who they have in store for the next series.


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