Watch: 50 Years Of Bridal Hairstyles

Getting hitched? Congratulations! Can't make a final decision on the overall look you want to achieve? We hear you. While some brides debate over hair up or hair down, some of us decide to use the occasion to channel a particular decade, with the laid back 70s being particularly popular right now. One decade we're seeing less and less of, however, is the 80s, unless perhaps you've also opted for a fancy dress Madonna-esque theme. As this video below will show you, we'll happily leave the beauty trends of that decade where they belong, unless enormous, permed mullets are your thing. If so, don't let us stop you.

Here hairstylist and beauty vlogger Kayley Melissa takes us on a two minute journey through the last fifty years of bridal beauty. Whether you're after a demure Grace Kelly-inspired look or you want to pay homage to your annual festival frolicking, you'll be spoiled for inspiration here.


Which look is your favourite? The Farrah Fawcett blow-out circa 1970? Or the 90s bride with two totally unnecessary bits of hair hanging down in front of your eyes?

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