Want To Know What Jimmy Choo’s Creative Director Carries In Her Beauty Bag?

Jimmy Choo’s creative director and the company’s first ever employee Sandra Choi lets Rosaleen McMeel in on a few of her beauty secrets.

My beauty regime is… Limited. I do look after my skin. I am good about taking off my make-up, but when it comes to make-up, I tend to focus my attention on my eyes. I don’t do a lot of dramatic things to my skin. I really don’t wear that much make-up.

Sandra Choi, Creative Director Of Jimmy Choo. Photography by Chris Floyd, courtesy of Jimmy Choo



My beauty essential is… Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.

My health essential is… At the moment, turmeric. It is the biggest craze. My husband is on it as well, so I tell him if he’ll make it, I’ll drink it. In the Asian diet, there is a lot of [eating healthily as a natural remedy].

My fitness regime consists of… Being on my feet all day.

I don’t leave home without… Lip balm. Elemis is my favourite.

My favourite fragrance is… Illicit by Jimmy Choo. I genuinely really like the scent, and of course, the name. I give the perfumer a few notes and told them what I like. You have to work and collaborate with experts. I know what I like, but I’m not a perfumer, but I influence everything. I tell them what we’re working on, what’s on brand and what’s not on brand. The Art Deco detail on the bottle was important for the house and that’s my job to govern that in terms of Jimmy Choo.


My secret to switching off is… Being very strategic. You have to be very strategic and organised. Family time is family time. My husband will say I never switch off my phone, but I do. I respect my weekends too much. Everything can wait. If it’s life or death I’ll get a phone call, but everything on email can wait til Monday. You feel liberated by switching off and that you’ve had a break.

My favourite finishing touch is… Colourful lips. Elizabeth Salzner said I should try a bright pink lipstick on my lips. She’s a stylist, so she knows what she’s talking about. Ever since she said it, I’ve been trying it out, and it just gives me an extra boost

Jimmy Choo is available exclusively in Brown Thomas, Dublin or jimmychoo.com



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