Want long and lustrous locks? Try these 5 miraculous hair products

Tired of dealing with flat and frizzy hair? These five products infuse nutrients, strengthening strands and adding a healthy shine.

Oversized jumpers, fluffy socks and an excuse to eat sweets whenever we like — winter usually indulges our 'treat yourself' side. And more time indoors, means more time to focus on ourselves and prioritise self care.

Unfortunately, colder weather can also lead to a beauty rut of dry skin and limp hair. Hair health starts at the roots, so it's important to mind our scalp just as much as the strands that grow from it.

Get ahead of the wintry season by stocking up on five essential haircare products that help nourish and strengthen hair and build volume, without weighing you down.


Pantene Lift’N’Volume silicone-free shampoo

This thickening shampoo is from Pantene’s Pro-V Miracles Lift’N’Volume range, designed to help thicken hair and maximise volume with instant fullness. It also helps strengthen your hair against styling damage by infusing it with nutrients and includes biotin and rose water. Reviewers say this shampoo lifts and thickens flat hair, leaving it silky smooth and easy to manage. Another great product is the range's sulphate-free shampoo also with biotin and rose water.

Pantene Lift’N’Volume silicone-free conditioner

This thickening conditioner smells divine! Like Pantene's silicone-free shampoo, it's infused with biotin and rose water. The silicone-free conditioner gives your hair weightless repair and infuses it with nutrients for visibly full and thick hair.

Pantene Strong & Long keratin treatment hair mask


Did you know that the number one Google search in the UK on hair problems is hair loss? It is so important that we are giving our hair the vitamins it needs to sustain healthy hair growth. Pantene’s Pro-V Miracles Strong & Long hair mask is infused with biotin and bamboo, known for its specific tensile strength that rivals steel. The mask deeply strengthens* hair strands and helps reduce hair loss due to breakage by up to 96 per cent.

Pantene Go Longer protein reconstruct leave-in cream

This highly nutritious Pro-V blend is perfect for giving dry and damaged hair the moisture boost it needs. The leave-in conditioner is infused with bamboo and biotin, an important part of the vitamin B complex that promotes the growth of skin and hair by building up keratin. This is a great product for those who frequently use a straightening iron or hairdryer and suffer from hair breakage. It deeply strengthens strands against styling damage and helps reduce hair loss due to breakage for hair.


Pantene Lift'N'Volume 7in1 weightless oil mist


This unique, 7-in-1 oil blend is infused with castor oil, biotin and rose water. Its benefits are seven-fold: 1) strengthens weak hair against styling damage; 2) protects against the formation of split ends; 3) helps hair to detangle easier; 4) protects weak hair from heating tools; 5) provides a lightweight glow; 6) tames frizz & flyaways and 7) infuses a light, refreshing smell. It is the perfect product for those on the go or in a rush.

Both of the Pantene Pro-V Miracles collections, Grow Strong and Lift'N'Volume, are available online and in Superdrug and Boots stores. Limited ranges are also available at select Dunnes Stores and Boots.

*strength against styling damage vs. non-conditioning shampoo.

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