Want fresher colour for longer? Try these colour depositing shampoos

Stave off the salon bill and keep hold of your cool-toned blonde or glossy brunette shades for longer

Having coloured hair is a full time job. And about as stressful too. So for many of us, to try to stave off the salon bill and keep hold of our cool-toned blonde or our glossy brunette shades for longer, colour depositing shampoos are essential and extremely helpful.

In the past, as a diehard blonde and before the cruel cloud of hair age rolled in, I could get away with a twice-weekly Touch of Silver once over. But that ship has long since sailed and I've to take more care these days. But I still can't afford to visit the salon at the drop of a hat.

Some lucky gals (Poppy Delevingne, below, for instance) can shell out thousands a year for their pristine colour, but if you need a little help from a colour depositing shampoo, there's some advice you should follow for best results.



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Editorial hairstylist and colourist Roisin Malone, whose credits include work on Vikings the TV show, says that to get the best results from colour depositing shampoo, you need to have your hair well prepared.

"Colour depositing shampoos are suitable for hair that is in relatively good condition. They can be amazing for replenishing colour, something really vibrant like a red or purple. If someone has very dry or porous hair, using a colour depositing shampoo can cause patchiness and an uneven result. Depending on the range there might be a matching conditioner which might be less concentrated with pigment so it can be used to further enhance and lock in a colour." So, the key messages if you're thinking of using one?

  • Always use a conditioner in conjunction with the colour depositing product
  • Follow the instructions carefully and don't leave the product on longer than stated
  • Regular use of leave-in conditioning hair masks will counter any dryness caused by the colour depositing shampoo
  • Colour depositing shampoo will work different depending on the porosity of your hair, so bear that in mind





John Frieda Radiant Red Boosting Shampoo, €8.49


Joico Color Infuse Brown Shampoo, €18.96 


Brands like Bleach London do lots of interesting colour depositing shampoos (I had an accident with a red one before - I thought it would cancel out the green-y shade my hair had turned thanks to lime in my water. Alas, it did not. I wore an unfortunate, distinctive and not very flattering red glow like a halo for about a week) so if you're in the mood to go from blonde to pink or to dye your balayage a temporary shade of blue, they're great too.

Bleach London Rosé Soft Pink Rinse, €7.79

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.

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