Viral: Is This The Best Ever Beauty Hack For Under Eye Circles?

This just might be the best DIY beauty hack we've ever heard of, if it works. Dark under-eye circles? Yes, they're the bane of our beauty routine and a b*tch to conceal. Whether it's from a lack of sleep, dehydration or all manner of irritations, they're something that so many of us are grappling with. Apparently though, thanks to this beauty blogger who's just gone viral, there's a very cheap way of combatting your tired looking eyes and it's sitting, rather unassumingly, in your spice rack. Turmeric!

Beauty blogger Farah Dhukai says this isn't just a quick fix, it's something you can do repeatedly to banish your bags forever, and best of all, it's natural. No procedures involved, no 'oh well your face will look and feel on fire for at least 24 hours but then you'll notice an improvement' caveat? This sounds quick and easy.

All she does is mix turmeric with buttermilk, apply it under the eyes and once it's dried, she rinses it off, leaving colour-corrected skin underneath.

According to Good House Keeping who were quick to pick up on this viral trend, "Turmeric temporarily stains the skin yellow, which is an optical neutralizer for the colour purple, just as green is for red," explains Dr. Lisa Donofrio, Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine.


However, Donofrio suggests that it might not be the wonder hack we've all been waiting for, especially if you've got pale, translucent skin. But if this can at least neutralise the purple, then your trusty foundation should do the job of covering up any unwanted yellow. Or at least give your concealer a better chance of working, before your foundation goes on.

Lastly, we hate to rain on a beauty parade, but it's always worth being mindful of anything new you're applying to your skin, and as this is a spice, caution is advised. Also reported by Good Housekeeping, Dr. Christine Choi Kim recommends a patch test to ensure that your skin won't have an allergic reaction to the turmeric: "Apply a little on the inside surface of your forearm, then wait a full two days to see if you have any allergic reaction."

*Rushes to the pantry.

Via Good Housekeeping

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