Victoria's Secret In Trouble Over Bum Air-Brushing

Victoria's Secret is in hot water again after airbrushing the bum cheeks off on of its lingerie models. While we're all for natural, real women in all their un-photoshopped beauty, as brands strive for some unrealistic idea of perfection, you can kind of understand why they'd slim down tummies or tone up arms. What we cannot understand is the logic behind airbrushing out one of the female form's most attractive parts: the bum cheek. In our opinion, to have the definition of this model's posterior disappear, it looks worse. What's wrong with bums? First it's thighs that touch at the top, and now we should aim for a bum-less bum too? So basically, if you were to take inspiration from their handy work here, it's legs that skip those gorgeous curves of yours and continue on straight into your back that you're after. Preposterous. And we strongly condemn this kind of post production. Not only is it wrong for the reasons we've just discussed, it's also a ridiculous piece of 'work' if they're not even going to match up both sides of her derriere. What's more laughable is that the knickers she's sporting here are named 'Cheekies'.

We thought we were making some headway in terms of women finally being accepted just as they are, what with women of all shapes and sizes being embraced on the catwalks, but this just feels like two massive in the wrong direction.


Needless to say, commenters on the Victoria's Secret Facebook page are outraged. What about you, is your blood boiling? Or are you not surprised?

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