A Victoria Secret Model Shares Her Best Beauty Hacks

When a Victoria Secret model shares insider secrets on backstage beauty and just how exactly their glowing beauty looks are created within minutes, we listen up. Lindsay Ellingson, VS model and Wander Beauty cofounder, wrote a blog post for QVC in which she divulges the tricks of the trade in achieving that supermodel, ethereal look.

If it's a natural looking flush you're after?

"This is a fun trick I learned backstage at the Victoria's Secret fashion show. The key makeup artist, to my surprise, applied lipstick to our cheeks. After that was blended he applied foundation on top to slightly mute the color. This gave us a very natural flush to our cheeks. In fact, you can apply almost any lipstick to your cheeks, this is especially great if you're in a rush and only have room for one product in your bag. I recommend sticking with hydrating lipsticks that won't tug on your skin." For this, we'd vouch for any of Bobbi Brown's non-matte lipsticks or MAC's current Huggable collection.

As for her top tips on creating the perfect set of lashes, Ellingson says: Everyone woman wants fuller lashes and I know just the trick! I have tried and tested everything out there to create that illusion and have a very easy 3 step process that will work for you. Start by wiggling your favorite brown eyeliner into your lash line, I love our Slide Liner Gel Eyeliner in bronzed brown which has a touch of pearlescence and glides onto your lids like silk. Our formula is infused with avocado oil, jojoba seed oil yet is still waterproof! Next curl your lashes, gently squeeze at the base, another at the middle and one final squeeze at the tip of your lashes. Finish off your look with your favorite volumizing mascara on both your top and bottom lashes.


?When it comes to the all important under eye concealer and battling tired and puffy eyes, this Victoria Secret model has learned that V is key. ?V? is key! Here's my secret to faking 8 hours of sleep: Just apply Wander Beauty's Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation stick in a ?V? shape, start at the inner corner of your eye, glide down the side of your nose and then up towards your cheekbone and gently blend with our Wander Cushion. The ?V? shape blends beautifully into your skin, looks much more natural than a half circle shape and creates the illusion of an instant lift. Who doesn't want that?! Our foundation contains coconut oil and hyaluronic so it keeps your sensitive under eye area hydrated which is key to looking more youthful. Our formula is also buildable so you can dial up the coverage as much as you want. Even better, this trick can be achieved anytime, anywhere in just a matter of seconds!
?For more insider secrets, check out her full blog post here.?

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