Utter Chic

Today Lanc'me announce Caroline de Maigret as their latest muse.

As many of the pins to my personal Pinterest account will attest, I am a massive fan of Caroline de Maigret. In my eyes, the model and music producer perfectly embodies that mercurial magic that we all strive for - insouciant Parisian chic.
Caroline descends from aristocracy via the genetic lines of a Polish king and a French empress. She is an intellectual and style maven, her attitude being one of understated elegance with an air of nonchalance.
Today Lanc'me announced the beginning of a new kind of collaboration where they will work with de Maigret to envision new beauty collections and to engage in ?an intelligent discussion in order to better transmit a different, liberating form of beauty, a smart mix of indulgence and perfectionism, carefreeness and commitment?.

The collaboration truly begins in September when Lanc'me will accompany her as she travels the world promoting her book entitled?How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits (Doubleday, September 2, 2014). It's a humorous book of attitudes and tips on what makes Parisian women so appealing. Many of these types of books have been penned previously, but this is the one we're most likely to pay attention to. Even with her tongue firmly in her cheek, she's a lady to listen to.

And then there's that fringe. Oh the fringe!


Prepare your radars (and your Pinterest boards).


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