I used this cult skincare product for 30 days straight and the results are incredible

P50 Lotion is a cult skincare product with good reason. I tried it for 30 days straight — morning and night — and my skin is completely transformed...

It's in the name — Biologique Recherche's P50 lotion, they say, needs to be used night and day for 50 days to completely transform your skin. I saw results in just 30 days, visible ones, compliment-drawing ones, and I am both relieved and ecstatic that I've found a product I can rely on to keep my skin in good shape.

How to use it

After cleansing, both morning and evening, I apply a €2 size drizzle onto a cotton pad and gently press it into my skin. Start at the place you're most concerned about as that part will receive the highest concentration of product.


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What the results were

Not to put too fine a point on it, but without P50, my skin couldn't possibly withstand the daily assault of dietary madness I put it through. My food and water intake is hardly exemplary, and yet my skin doesn't falter. This, I'm convinced, is down to P50.

My skin before:

  • Texturised on my forehead and sides of face
  • Bright red after every shower
  • Blotchy, uneven in tone
  • Prone to the occasional monster spot

My skin after:

  • Even in tone, less likely to go blotchy
  • Keeping my make-up on for longer
  • Allowing my make-up to go on smoother
  • Less likely to go red after a shower
  • Brighter and smoother
  • Less likely for a monster spot to erupt

Where to get it

Biologique Recherche believe education is paramount to using their skincare properly, so you can't buy it without consultation with one of their trained facialists.

P50 Lotion isn't the cheapest product you'll ever buy (between €60 and €90 depending on size) but for a results-driven, effective treatment for your skin that will make all your other skincare work at its peak, it's worth it.

To book a Biologique Recherche consultation, visit floraison.ie or contact The Spa at The Merrion Hotel. 

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