How To Use Candles Wisely

  • by IMAGE

Tara Fay of Xena Productions tells us a little about using candles wisely.

  • Used properly, scented candles are a great way to enhance a space. Often, however, an overwhelming mix of scents can be more than most people can take.
  • Never mix two types of scented candles in one space, even if they have the same scent, as one brand's version of lavender can be different to another's.
  • And never use a scented candle when serving food, especially vanilla ones, as they can interfere with your guests? appreciation of the food. So make sure dinner candles aren't fragranced.
  • If the scent from a candle is very strong or long lasting, light it a few hours before your party and blow out soon after guests arrive. If the aim is atmospheric, use a plain candle.
  • Don't use strong scents in confined spaces. It will be like having to spend an evening with someone's perfume you hate.
  • Candles look great near a mirror, coloured glass or plants - darker corners you don't mind drawing attention to. And at an entrance, they always mean a welcome. You can use groupings of candles on both sides of a door, or one grouping. If you want to add some foliage or greenery, ensure your candles are in glass or lanterns.
  • For festive scented candles, bathrooms are a great place, as are halls and doorways or anywhere people will walk through. Subtle scents work best.
  • A super easy way to create atmosphere is to put small night lights in hollowed-out oranges and surround them with cloves - the original scented candle.

This article was originally published in the December issue of IMAGE Magazine.

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