Undercuts: The Perfect Hair Style For Summer

Summer can wreak havoc on your hair. Heading a sun holiday? Make sure you check in an extra bag for all the product you'll have to bring so you don't do a Monica in Friends and fall prey to humidity hair. And if there's blistering sun hitting you on the beach, you're risking dried out scarecrow textured hair. The saddest of all the hair.

Or maybe you're stuck in work week to week, and the air con is making your neck a sweating zone. Well, the best solution for heavy hair that can't cope with rising summer temperatures is an undercut. The previously punk habit has gone mainstream in recent years, with account executives as likely to shave off the sides as rebellious teens looking to make a statement.

Here are the five stars who are inspiring us to shave up there.

1. Tilda Swinton


Of course, Tilda Swinton has an undercut. She's Tilda Swinton. We love how the actress and NARS ambassador pairs jaw-dropping sheaths with her peroxide hair. If you want to let your blonde locks do the talking, copy Tilda. Actually, just copy Tilda in general.

2. Rihanna

Before Bad Girl Riri was a Dior spokesperson, she made the undercut the must-have girlish accessory with a softer shave than the usual. Rihanna is your go-to role model for keeping edgy trends pretty.

3. Natalie Dormer

The Game of Thrones and Hunger Games actress is the boldest looking girl in school, and last year her undercut only accentuated her distinctive vibe. If you want to work the don't-mess-with-sexy-me look, go full Natalie Dormer.


4. Scarlett Johannsson

Hello, Scarlett Jo. The Avengers actress is a recent mom and adopter of the undercut, drawing praise for her risk-taking hair style. If you want to play with depth and colour, Scarlett's is the one photo to bring to your hair stylist.

5. Kelly Osbourne

If you're the type of girl who likes to convey her personality via the medium of her hair and make-up choices, then Kelly Osbourne is your spirit animal. Kelly commits to the pastel trend, and her hair makes a good case for candy hues.

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