These two products are lifesavers for Irish summer skin

Although the warm weather hasn't been nearly as friendly as it was last year to Irish shores, we're still feeling summer in the air these days. And while that means shorter hemlines, chic sunglasses and lighter cover-ups, it also means being responsible with your skin.

Irish skin (because we don't get a lot of it) can be very sensitive to a lot of sun and heat. While it's crucial to wear SPF all year round, regardless of the weather, during the summer it becomes particularly important. We know how skincare routines can pile up quickly, which is why we love to find products that save time and money in keeping our skin safe.

Irish skincare brand SKINICIAN has tapped into this idea too, with their range of moisturisers and serums designed to protect and soothe sunkissed skin. And, with all their products being vegan, cruelty-free and paraben free, you get the added peace of mind of knowing that your skin is in good hands.



SKINICIAN's Revitalising Day Moisturiser is packed full of antioxidants and hydrating agents to set your skin up for a healthy glow all day long. But it also has a broad spectrum SPF 30 - essential for Irish spring and summer, to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Using this in the morning and carrying it in your bag when you need a pick-me-up will mean your skin will stay hydrated and, more importantly, protected all day.


We all love a good serum in our nighttime routines, and SKINICIAN's Advanced Calming Serum is amazing for irritated summer skin. It contains Gatuline, which reinforces and protects the skins' own ability to protect against environmental factors and sun damage. If you've gotten a bit too much sun, the Calming Serum will bring down redness and irritation and encourage your skin to begin repairing itself from the inside out.

Make sure to protect and defend your skin against harmful sun damage this summer. The products above, and the full line of SKINICIAN treatments, are available from

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