Two fail-safe preventative anti-ageing skincare products to have in your routine

At roughly the age of 27 or 28, the signs of ageing start creeping in, with sun damage, free radical damage and collagen decline making themselves known, while elasticity begins to do a French exit. If you’re looking for something preventative or to target signs of ageing, let me cut through the jargon for you.

Aside from sunscreen, there are two fail-safe ingredients that everyone should have in their routine for optimal skin health and preventative care. These gold standard ingredients will benefit the skin of anyone who uses them, no matter their skin concerns.

They are vitamin C and retinol.

Here is a short lesson on everything vitamin C can do for you. It stimulates collagen to promote a smoother, more youthful complexion and can reduce redness and photodamage. You’ll experience a brighter complexion within a few weeks of trying it. And if preventative measures are what you’re searching for, know that vitamin C is an antioxidant and protects the skin from ageing.

Retinol will increase your skin cell turnover, helping to target a range of skin concerns from dark spots and cystic acne, to discolouration and hyperpigmentation. It can also even skin tone, assist in keeping the skin hydrated, stimulate collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


They certainly sound effective, don't they? Here’s the issue - the efficacy relies on how they are packaged.

With vitamin C, it takes a village to get the hero formula that will change your face forever. It needs to be packaged in a delivery system that protects it from air and light. You need a pH of 3.5 or less to know it’s effective, stable and able to get inside the skin. You'll also require at least 10-15% concentration of vitamin C for it to reach its potential. Vitamin C is most effective in the form of L Ascorbic Acid, which has the highest potency when applied to the skin and is the form our skin cells need to use. Add in vitamin E and you’ve got a game changer – it boosts the antioxidant activity of vitamin C by fourfold.

With retinol, you need to know the percentage being used, as it can cause irritation for some people. Over the counter retinols often contain a very low percentage, which isn’t helpful. You should really use retinol under the guidance of a professional, who can recommend what percentage you need, explain how to use it and increase the strength as your skin strengthens its tolerance.

Now, where does one find such smart skincare? Allow me to introduce you to AlumierMD, a skincare brand with a mission to bring the most effective and efficient formulas on the market to the masses. Created by a team of PhD biochemists, physicians and specialists, AlumierMD don’t do what’s easy, they do what’s right. They don’t add in ingredients to please a trend. Their 38 products are created using innovative ingredients at optimal levels and no less than five advanced delivery systems. The result is medical grade formulations using multifaceted, results-oriented skincare molecules.

AlumierMD EverActive C&E

AlumierMD has tackled the stability and oxidation challenges of vitamin C with the most effective and optimally active vitamin C serum on the market - EverActive C&E.


By activating the product yourself, it stays fresh from the moment you open it and remains beneficial to the health of the skin until the last drop. The packaging consists of two separate chambers with vitamin C crystals sealed in the top chamber. The serum is held in a dark bottle to protect it from light. You get three bottles in a set, with each bottle lasting for about a month. Only when you finish one do you undo the packaging for the second to mix the crystals into the serum. It is, without question, the most fresh and innovative vitamin C serum available.

AlumierMD 0.25% Retinol Resurfacing Serum

AlumierMD have also tackled the retinol sensitivity and irritation issues associated with retinol with their microencapsulated retinol, AlumierMD Retinol Resurfacing Serum, available in three strengths - 0.25%, 0.5% and 1%. Encapsulated retinol is slowly released into the skin, avoiding the intense redness, dryness and peeling associated with retinol in its raw form. This means the retinol is drip-fed to your skin rather than dumping it all on in one go. A higher metabolic uptake of retinol makes it more effective; this happens because AlumierMD has encapsulated their retinol in a porous polymer delivery system. The polymer is a tough enough material to contain the otherwise irritating retinol and its pores allow the vitamin A to slowly seep from the capsule. This means the product is drip fed to the skin and works hard for you while you sleep.

Age-dependent, if you’re just starting your retinol journey, you’ll start on the 0.25% and a trained AlumierMD professional  will help you gradually increase strengths as your skin health, fitness and tolerance to retinol improves. You’ll see signs of improvement in your skin in about a week, but the longer you use it the better the results will be. You’ll also be protecting your skin and warding off unwanted signs of ageing.

Visit a trained AlumierMD professional to discover how you can reach your unique skincare goals. They’ll provide a full skincare consultation and build a bespoke regime, tailored to your individual needs. Find your nearest professional at

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